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Comment Re:No VBA Compatibility == No Go (Score 1) 236

I was extremely surprised when my Excel spreadsheet that uses a VBA macro opened perfectly in LibreOffice 4.4. I have no idea how complete the VBA compatibility is, but there definitely is some. I suggest you try your Excel spreadsheets using VBA in LibreOffice; they might just work, or might only need very minor changes. My VBA usage is not enormous, so my success may not be representative, but it's worth a shot.

Comment Re:I think they have a point (Score 1) 308

The way to fix that is to just use remote desktop over the VPN. Then the machine that needs fast access to the files is on the fast network. You have fast access to everything that way. The machine that displays the desktop can be anything, and cheap; the machine that you really use can be fully virtualized (although I just use a regular desktop at the desk I never visit; it could be moved into a data closet or onto a shared VM box and I wouldn't care).

About the only thing that doesn't work well over VPN remote desktop is video (a smarter remote desktop could deal with that, but I haven't seen it personally). My job doesn't involve video at work anyway.

Comment Re:Web sites? (Score 1) 332

Bullshit. They make a minor capital outlay to improve service by some percentage, then oversell that to many users as improved (higher bandwidth) service, suitable for the new features (like, say, streaming video). Once enough users are on the new tier, paying their money, the additional funds are used for the next increment of improved service. Lather, rinse, repeat. Basic business.

Sure an idiot could invest a huge amount in the hope that millions of users will pay ("if you build it they will come"), and profit can be made if you guess right, but that's usually a recipe for a loss.

The major providers are just complaining that they need to keep improving. The dollar values look large because the companies are large, but they aren't hurting; just look at their filed financial sheets. They just want more money for a small investment in lawyers. Don't make investing in lawyers worthwhile; invest in service, not in lawyering.

Comment Re:Sugar (Score 2) 926

How much do you drink? Most of our weight is water, and while most of the food we eat is also water, just retaining a gallon of water per day would add 56 pounds to your weight in a week. Some of that from a few pounds of food, some from drink, some absorbed through respiration. We aren't closed systems, only taking in what we eat under controlled conditions.

Comment Re:Do You Really Know Your Algorithm (Score 1) 326

Not a syntax error, either. Syntactically it's valid. Semantically it's dubious, but only if the range of values in that int is out of the range of values of the unsigned. Even then its well-defined for a particular platform (except for very weird platforms), but it could be a very bad idea if the expected range of values in the int goes negative. Unless you're extremely pedantic, everytime you put a small number into an unsigned you're relying on the int->unsigned conversion.

    unsigned int x = 37;

That line doesn't look too bad, does it? And it compiles fine too. Only the extremely pedantic make it

    unsigned int x = 37u;

but otherwise the constant 37 has type int, and you assigned an int to an unsigned.

Getting into a signed/unsigned argument shows either that you are bad at explaining the issue, or they are pricks who don't listen. Either way a bad fit.

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