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Comment: Re:There are numerous other obvious flaws (Score 1) 262

by Agares (#47972909) Attached to: Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light
I'd mod you up, but you already are at max. A lot of the flaws people point out are pretty easy to debunk when you think about it. Even someone in grade school could probably figure them out if they are smart enough. The best one I know is how people point out you cannot see the stars. Well of course you can't see them because the sun is out and the light from it is drowning out their light. Also people try to argue about the dust not flying up into the air and just falling straight to the ground. Well that’s because there is not atmosphere on the moon so obviously the dust has nothing to float around in before it finally settles. Which explains why it falls straight to the ground. I could say more, but like you said the evidence to support that the moon landing is real is pretty strong. Especially when some of the so called flaws is actually evidence that helps to show that they were actually in space on the moon.

Comment: Seriously? (Score 1) 235

by Agares (#47965633) Attached to: Friendly Reminder: Do Not Place Your iPhone In a Microwave
Sometimes I do stuff and later I think "Wow I should have thought about that". However when I see stuff like this I am reminded that I am not that bad off. If anything this shows me that I might even possibly be smarter than I realize. Also as funny as this is it also makes me cringe and worry about the future.

Comment: Re:US is next? (Score 2) 952

by Agares (#47929179) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children
As I said being religious does not mean anti-science. Furthermore I give a lot of things in science a lot of thought, and truthfully I can't say any of them go against what I believe. Religion is an explanation of why I am here and where I will go so to speak. Whereas science is basically just something that explains the world around us. The two do not have to contradict one another.

Comment: Re:Why just guns? (Score 1) 264

by Agares (#47879489) Attached to: Using Wearable Tech To Track Gun Use
So true, and what a lot of people do not realize is that we have knives, and you can get those without having to get a back ground check or anything. Also when I say knives I am talking about the military grade ones. Those tend to make very good offensive weapons. Lets not forget either that getting a conceal carry for those big things is far easier than for a gun. So does that mean we should ban knives too? Not at all since like you stated people are the root of the problem, and not guns or any weapon for that matter.

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