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Comment: Re:eSports aren't like regular Sports (Score 4, Informative) 146

by Afty0r (#47633209) Attached to: The ESports Athletes Who Tried To Switch Games

Keep counting...

A significant portion of my friends from my late teens are now employed not in *making* games, but in casting, organising, events management, marketing and more for eSports events... The growth is beyond phenomenal.

I believe a League of Legends event recently sold out the Staples Centre faster than any other event in history...

Comment: TIA (Score 1) 83

The AFI, which was formally announced in June 2012 by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), consists of "a single platform for research, analysis, and visualization of large amounts of data from disparate sources and maintaining the final analysis or products in a single, searchable location for later use as well as appropriate dissemination."

Sooo errr.... Total Information Awareness then?

Comment: Making waves in traffic (Score 3, Insightful) 364

by Afty0r (#46638413) Attached to: Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

So correct me if I'm wrong, but if all drivers adopted this, wouldn't it result in traffic in a lane approaching a light from converging together into "clumps" or "waves"?

Cars near the front of any given clump would be slowing down in order to arrive at the light after it has stopped being red and become green. (Close) Behind those cars would cars which would have passed through during the green interval regardless of this system. At the back of a clump would be cars who are speeding up to attempt to "get in" on that same green signal.

Ultimately it would result in cars travelling very close together, with huge spaces between "convoys". It might even be more efficient, so sure - but while there are still humans behind the wheel, this seems dangerous as everyone will always be "tailgating". Once CPUs are behind all the wheels, it will be trivial to implement using the "Internet of Things".

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Why do you believe "unlike gold, the users can just up and quit Bitcoin forever"?

I don't use, mine, or own Bitcoin - but it's fairly obvious that beyond the use of Gold for conducting materials, it has little to no intrinsic value - it's almost identical to Bitcoin.

Everyone invested in Gold could decide tomorrow to shift their investments to Aluminium...or Dogecoin. This would leave Gold almost worthless. The same is true of Bitcoin - but why do you feel one is more likely than the other?

I think you do not understand how currency works...

Comment: *All* the benefits? (Score 2) 312

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The best engineers get all the benefits of being leaders

*All* the benefits?

I don't think so, I think it's just inertia. Our industry pays middle management comparatively poorly. In software engineering / web development which is my line of work, manager get paid barely more than senior engineers. Now I'm not one of those people who feels it's wrong to have an engineer making more than his boss (I've managed people earning more than me before, they were all awesome) but if you want the best people to step up and take a lot more pain you need to pay them a lot more.

In most other industries managers earn significantly more than their reports. Take a look at retail, at sales and many other professions. Someone in retail in the UK earning £16k/annum on a checkout line will have a manager who earns around double that - 30k or so. Same for customer services.

So, take a software engineer earning 55k/annum in London - his manager probably earns around 65k-70k, and has a MUCH more stressful and less enjoyable job, and almost certainly longer hours. His pro-rata take home is probably only around 5% better.

So how about we pay our Development Managers 100k? I bet you'd have a few more of the stronger candidates stepping up to the plate.

Yours sincerely, a (fairly, IMHO) good Development Manager in London - considering taking a step down or sideways because the money just doesn't justify the extra hassle...

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Selective enforcement of the law is one of the most harmful possible aspects of policing - the sooner we are rid of it, the better.

Instead, for small crimes which are rarely prosecuted (because the punishment is crazy high, like littering) we will instead prosecute all instances, and by popular demand reduce the fine to something more palatable....

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He states, based on a single "URL checker" from O2, that every website he tried to check including slashdot, other tech news/resources sites and his own blog are "blocked by a parental controls regime - according to the URL checker".

But a little testing would have shown him that is blocked on this. As is - the UK governments own official site. The parental controls he's ranting about are bunkum. He should have researched his subject, and posted from an informed viewpoint, instead this article is a waste of time.

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