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Comment Re:"Denali" = anagram for "Denial" (Score 1) 366

Oooh, grep puzzles! I came up with a way to do it in one regular expression, but it would be way too long to type out. So.......
This guy came up with a way that seems to work. The second regular expression there is a puzzle on its own. The -v means to invert the matching (that is, reject anything that matches, and accept anything that doesn't match). Took me a while to figure out how it works, but I think I got it.....

Comment Re:Internet of Hackable Things (Score 1) 138

The only ones actually selling and using I've seen are selling "private cloud" services and calling them "public cloud"

That's their marketing pitch, right?

Because IoT devices are built primarily with "getting to market" in mind, they don't focus on security much (that's honestly not different than a lot of software). A lot of devices have UPnP wide open. Some devices set themselves up as wireless access points, complete with telnet and ftp open, as in "full root access." Some cars are able to be controlled wirelessly. Controlling the entertainment system can be really bad, but they were also able to control the brakes.

As for something like parking meters.....presumably they are all wired to a central server on their own private wires? But physical access is root, so they're probably attackable, too.

Comment Re:Simula (Score 1) 332

Simula 67 was an influence on many different languages, but Smalltalk has a heavy Lisp influence that is missing in things like C++. It's the Lisp side that really gives Smalltalk the magic (though perhaps if Lisp were as commonplace as Java, it would not seem so magical to find it in Smalltalk).

The differences are big enough that some people distinguish two schools of OOP: the Simula/Liskov/Meyers way, and the Smalltalk/Kay/Ingalls way.

Comment Re: Haskell? (Score 2) 332

Forth is good because it gives you a completely different way of looking at programming. Instead of writing a program, you are extending the compiler.
Alan Perlis said, "A programming language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming isn't worth knowing." Forth is worth knowing by that metric.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 118

The big difference between Obama and Rubio is that I have a good idea where Obama actually stood on those issues. Yeah, he said he opposed gay marriage, but did anyone actually believe him? Whereas with Rubio, I could easily see him switching parties to democrat if that were convenient.

On the other hand, I'm not really sure what Hillary would do as president, either.

Comment Re:Do No Evil.. (Score 1) 143

The problem is, everyone has their own definition of evil. If you ask Bill Gates, he'll say he did no evil (and has said that hobbyists are immoral). If you ask Steve Ballmer, he'll say he's done no evil, that everything he did was fair and by the rules. Google doesn't feel that spying on people is evil.

I don't know about Larry Ellison, he might take 'evil' as a badge of honor.

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