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Comment Re:Unpredicted situations (Score 1) 104

Sure. But you expect a computer to always detect any kind of object on a runway? How can it know about an emergency situation on board of a plane? You expect every plane to have some sort of button panel on board for every kind of situation? Pregnant woman in labor? Press this button. Aggressive passenger? Press this button. Passenger with heart attack? Press that button. A plane in trouble leaked fuel on the runway. How's a computer supposed to detect that?

Yes, these are exceptional situations. But it is exactly these kind of situations where things can go from bad to catastrophic if the right decisions are not made. And I don't trust a computer to be able to do that. At least not better than a human being.

Comment 16GB is enough for me (Score 3, Insightful) 324

I don't agree. 16 GB is more than enough for. It was enough on my iPhone 4 and it surely is on my iPhone 6. For me the iPhone is what it is: a phone. Talking to people, texting, chatting, reading e-mail and surfing the web. That's about it. For all the other computer stuff, I have a laptop.

Comment Unpredicted situations (Score 2) 104

Computers are good at doing things that it has been programmed to do. When everything goes as plan, nothing unpredicted happened, everything will be fine. But when some unpredicted situation appears, unforseen bad weather, failing engine or equipement on board of an airplane, an object on the runway, you name it, that's where the computer will fail. And those are the moments when the judgement of a person, an aircontroller, is needed. An unmanned air traffic control tower? I'm not sure, but it sounds like a recipe for accidents to me.

Comment It's not about the language (Score 1) 158

This endless PHP bashing is getting a bit sad. Sure, earlier versions of PHP did have some bad things, but with PHP 5 it's very easy to create solid applications. You still may not like PHP, that's fine. In that case the only wise thing to do is to choose something else. But for any badly written application in PHP 5 I'm 100% sure that the programmer is to blame, not the language. Yes, looking at all the other modern programming languages these days, that I think that's the case for all of them. But PHP 5 is a modern and mature programmming language and has everything you need to write a modern web application. It can easily compete with the others.

To all those PHP-haters: bash and whine whatever you like. The world doesn't care. Look at the statistics: PHP is used much by many. It's here to stay. Grow up and move on.

Myself, I use PHP a lot. I've written my own framework. I really like PHP, because it's easy to use and specially because it's so easy to deploy. Easier than many other languages. I'm really looking forward to what PHP 7 has to offer.

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