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Comment Re:Big crowds are targets (Score 1) 196 196

Wrong. Kip Hawley was right when he said that this would merely shift terrorists' training focus to people on those pre-screened lists. It's a farce, yet another, that aims to merely make the ignorant masses "feel" safe. When the masses "feel" safe they praise on high their elected officials who "saved" them and "protected" them in their time of need, and REELECT them

Comment Re:*clap* *clap* (Score 3, Interesting) 247 247

Isn't that kinda how these big businesses work in general these days? Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Oracle, Intel, Dell, etc? I guess I'm just saying if someone has an issue with Sony they probably have an issue with the whole industry & it's practices, not /just/ Sony...

Comment Re:*clap* *clap* (Score 0, Flamebait) 247 247

Just because of how Sony handled this? Please, after this fiasco they'll be the safest company to trust your info to. Sony didn't handle the breach well, nor did it inform customers as it should have, but guess what? NO OTHER COMPANY would have done ANYTHING different. I'll bet there are many that would've tried to deny the whole thing.

Comment Re:What could go wrong? (Score 4, Insightful) 175 175

You mean the Do Not Track list which is practically unenforceable? The one where the advertisers "do the right thing" and honor the users' request not to track them? Such an IRONCLAD defense against predatory advertisers should be the gold standard, shouldn't it?

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