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Comment: Re:But it's so simple. (Score 3, Insightful) 182

by Aerokii (#46429129) Attached to: Satoshi Nakamoto Found? Not So Fast
Possibly- but the more I think about it, the more I can see why the creator would make such a post if it isn't him. Based on discussions yesterday, there's good reason to believe the creator's sitting on millions upon millions of USD worth of bitcoins. If people were to assume the gentleman "outed" in Newsweek had such funding available to him, that might put him in danger.

So, rather than put someone in danger who has nothing to do with this situation, the creator makes this post. I think it seems logical, but that's just a theory.

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by Aerokii (#45232865) Attached to: Fighting Paralysis With Electricity
I was offered a contract to work as a verification engineer for them for 6 weeks, starting about 6 weeks before the layoff announcement. They told me at the time that if "you work really hard and show that you know what you're doing, we'll fight to keep you on full time!"

Utter load of crap. Thankfully another company in the area offered me full time work, so I was able to avoid the inevitable let down I would have encountered. That being said, I still respect what Medtronic does, and the people I spoke with were passionate about helping people. I'm glad to still work in the same industry, and wish we could get projects more in line with what's in this article- it would be amazing to help people in such a way.

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by Aerokii (#45143285) Attached to: Facebook Comment Prompts Arrests In Cyberbullying Suicide Case
I don't know if it's in the article since I heard this story last night on the news, but she did move to a different school. The bullying persisted over mobile devices and the internet. Admins and other parents were contacted, but alas, it proved too little, and now everyone involved suffers.

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by Aerokii (#45070305) Attached to: Red Cross Wants Consequences For Video-Game Mayhem
For once I actually heard/read this story before it showed up on Slashdot, and some of the reactions in the comments... well, they're fairly well expected. I doubt anyone would try Mario in a criminal court of stomping on Goombas, and they don't want you to receive a dishonorable discharge in halo for tea-bagging. They're more focused on games about modern warfare (including but not limited to Modern Warfare.)

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Let's see...

Silicon Knights: Point. I'll give you that one.

Camelot: Their parent company is Nintendo, who took them from Sega back in 1999. They've programmed exclusively for Nintendo and are even the creators of Waluigi. Thankfully, since they made the Golden Sun series, I can forgive them for that. Link.

Monolith Soft: Monolith Soft was formerly owned by Namco, who sold all 96% of their shares to Nintendo, meaning Monolith Soft is wholly owned by Nintendo and thus for all intents and purposes considered first-party. Link.

Tri-Crescendo: Their developed titles are almost exclusively Nintendo, though you have somewhat of a point since they've done work for other consoles.

Are you going to tell me that Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country returns aren't first party because they were developed by Nintendo's Retro studios? As far as I'm concerned if Nintendo owns the studio, it's first party. Beyond that, the original poster suggested that they hadn't done anything new in the past 30 or so years- which is an obvious falsehood since 30 years ago is when the original Mario Bros came out in the arcade. So, unless the poster was receiving arcade cabinets for Christmas...

Not to mention of course all the innovation done within its more well known titles, even if the stories themselves are often "rehashes", they've kept the gameplay fresh.

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