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Comment Re:How can anyone think this is possibly a good id (Score 1) 234

"STRAW MAN. 1 : a weak or imaginary opposition (as an argument or adversary) set up only to be easily confuted."

Funny, because no one in this comment line has made the argument that false reports don't happen/aren't important. That would make the position suggested imaginary and easily confuted, because we ourselves would argue against those not mattering. As a result, it fits the definition so perfectly that were it any more obvious, it would be used to scare crows.

Comment Re: How can anyone think this is possibly a good i (Score 1) 234

I gave your suggestion a shot, and as it turns out the only nonsensical thing here is that you think anyone will listen to you, believe you, or give a shit what you think when you post something like this without any evidence, logic, or basis in fact. In the future, try posting some actual data if you want to not look like a complete tool.

Long story short, you're not very good at this. Drink Coke, Play Again.

Comment Re:How can anyone think this is possibly a good id (Score 1) 234

Speaking of "not on the record", most rapes aren't reported which means this statistic is much higher, and contrary to your complaint, it does not "usually" end up in expulsion. We're looking at less than a third of cases ending in expulsion, and this is data for only those who are found "guilty". Suspension's a bit more likely, but I REALLY don't think it's a great idea to keep someone who has been found guilty of sexual assault on campus.

Comment Re:Nintendo Is Dying (Score 1) 111

This has nothing to do with the relations between Brazil and Japan and everything to do with the fact that Nintendo is dying. This company has shown time and again that all they can do is release tired useless gimmick after tired useless gimmick and pass that off as "innovation". They release the same games every single year with absolutely no change and force their customers to pay a massive premium. The Wii was a massive joke, except no one laughed. Their 3DS handheld has less power than the original PlayStation Portable and costs 3 times as much and has no games. The Wii U has less power than the original XBOX much less the 360. Don't get me started on that abomination of a controller that weighs as much as a cinder-block, has a range of about 1 foot, and a battery life measured in minutes and not hours.

Nintendo is the corporate equivalent of the walking dead. I doubt they will even be around in five years. Even their own shareholders can't stand them. They would just be better selling off all their IP to a company that knows how to actually produce something, like Disney. Then Miyamoto and Iwata should do the world a favor and commit sepuku to atone for the massive failures they have inflicted on the game industry.

Ooo, this should be fun. I'mma go ahead and debunk basically everything you've just said that can be proven with numbers.

The Wii was a massive joke.: FALSE. The Wii has sold over 100 million units, and about 9 times as much software (so, about 9 games per console. Not bad!)

The 3DS handheld has less power than the original Playstation Portable and costs 3 times as much and has no games: FALSE. The 3DS runs an ARM11 Dual-core at 268 Mhz compared to the PSP's CPU held back to 222MHz. The only way it's more powerful is through mods/hacking. In addition, the 3DS has had over 186 million software units sold, compared to psp's 5.2 million. In addition, the PSP retailed for $199. The 3DS retailed for $249, and later went down to $149. So, no, not three times more.

The Wii U has less power than the original XBOX much less the 360: FALSE.The WII U is lcocked at 1.24 GHz, compared to the original Xbox's 733Mhz. Now, the Wii U does have a slower clock than the 360, but has more memory and a higher GPU clock. Raw CPU power will only get you so far, and the Wii U is more than capable of out-shining the 360.

Controller weighs as much as a cinder-block, has a range of 1 foot and battery life measured in minutes, not hours.: FALSE. The Wii U gamepad weighs about 1.1 pounds. Cinder blocks, on the other hand, usually come in at 30 to 35 pounds. The range goes up to 27.5 feet, but typically works best up to 15. The Battery life CAN be measured in minutes, but only if you consider that 180 to 300 minutes a better way of saying it than 3 to 5 hours.

Nintendo is the corporate equivalent of the walking dead. I doubt they'll even be around in five years.: FALSE. Nintendo has enough money saved up to last 52 years, assuming an annual deficit of 250 million. That seems unlikely given that they had a profit of over 40 million this year.

I won't bother responding to the rest, since I can't imagine you have any special insight into the minds of the shareholders, and wishing suicide upon ANYONE doesn't deserve a response beyond my disgust. But hey, long story short- if you're going to make ridiculous claims and be a raging fanboy, at least try to back it up with some evidence.

Comment Re:Hire the best person (Score 1) 341

The number of candidates is pretty much irrelevant to his point though. Regardless of policies like affirmative action, it's still true and provable that with all other things being equal, men are currently more likely to be chosen for a job than women. That's also not what this funding is going towards- they're trying to create more qualified candidates.

Comment Re: But let's remember (Score 1) 474

See, as much as I love Occham, it's not at all necessary here. That post proves nothing even if it ISN'T shopped, and as far as I'm concerned it's irrelevant to ZQ.

Beyond that, you point out metacritic and mention 0/100 scores... but there's only one professional review on metacritic (50/100), and a user reviews on every other side. I'm SURE none of the scores could possibly be related to the gamer gate nonsense. This just reaffirms that ZQ is irrelevant to the discussion, especially when it should logically be about NG.

Comment Re:But let's remember (Score 1) 474

None of the above is true -

Her game wasn't mentioned "in the list" - it was singled out for specific positive publicity before the list even started.

There was no "months later", it was a few weeks later IIRC. I suppose that changes it from "trading sex for publicity" to "trading publicity for sex". Whatever. Still not good.

Oh that changes everything, it was mentioned with a few other games before the list! The molehill has suddenly become... wait, no, still a molehill.

The strongest evidence against her is not any of this, but this is always what the anti-GG folk trot out. You expect no response to this?

She, personally, doxxed many of the prominent indie reviewers who disagreed with the blackout (the main thing). Once again, you can look up her twitter account.

Alright, done- her twitter account shows nothing at all that you mentioned. Drink coke, play again.

The problem is not even with ZQ, mostly, she's simply the straw that broke the camels back. The game reviewers have no problem with material gain in exchange for favourable reviews. Look at depression quest, for example. It's got one of the lowest user scores ever on metacritic[1] (deservedly - I've seen better results from 8 year olds using the same software that ZQ used - she isn't a techie at all and knows no programming language as far as anyone can tell) but was hyped up for special mention by NG.

Ok- care to mention any of these examples? you say it's not with SQ, and then continue to do nothing but talk about ZQ. I've noticed that's a bit of a trend with "gaters".

By all user reviews, this game is a piece of brown smelly stuff. Yet the journalist who singled it out for special mention in a positive light just happened to receive sexual favours from her not much later? Many gamers are neither naive nor stupid. When they pointed this out the media blackout occurred. Let me reiterate: The threads and users that were banned en masse were not those that sent death threats, but those that pointed out a shitty game got a positive spin by a journalist who a mere few weeks later slept with the game "dev"

Still talking about Quinn... and oh my, people were banned for reposting rumors and accusations against a person that weren't even based on reality? Don't bother lying to me or yourself- when this all started, it wasn't about a single mention before and during a list, it was over a supposed "review" that even her ex said didn't exist.

So far, that media blackout isn't working - gawker alone lost around 10 or so advertising contracts, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Adobe and other prominent businesses. The Streisand effect, FTW :-) The important thing in all of this is to continue ensuring that the media blackout (and collusion to blackout/blackball) doesn't work. So far, so good :-)

Funny how harassing businesses can affect them- except that they all seem to be doing juuuust fine. If anything, they're probably getting more hits thanks to GG continuing to harass folk. I'm actually a little conflicted about that, but it's supporting gawker, so it works I guess.

[1] Depression quest might just set a new record for worst game ever, at the rate it is going. Games which didn't even start without bugs got higher scores on metacritic (Big rigs:over the road - listed as one of the worst games of all times got a score roughly five times higher than depression question, in spite of all the publicity that DQ got).

Still talking about Quinn... did you have a point to any of that aside from making me waste time on twitter?

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