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Comment: Nissan Leaf = City, Chevy Volt = Suburbs (Score 1) 564 564

I'm at the end of a 3yr lease of a 2012 Nissan Leaf. I love it and would get another one if I lived in the City. The price is cheap: $15k TTL used or $2500/$100 for new lease. Performance is great. 4door Hatchback is practical. The 75mile range (hwy) can be a deal breaker for those in the country or even the suburbs. (Since I telecommute and recently bought a rural acreage, I'm replacing my Leaf with a hybrid pickup.) My wife drives a lot more miles for work and she drives a Chevy Volt. We replaced her end-of-lease 2012 Volt with a used Volt ($20k TTL). The Volt gets 30 miles on battery and 38 mpg when you need to drive further. Same good qualities as the Leaf.

Comment: Systems Analyst / Doc Writer / Project Manager (Score 2) 246 246

The traditional career forks for developers are the obvious options for someone with coding skills, but not coding desire. Someone often acts as an interface between the software developers and the users of that software. This is a path that allows her to use her old skills, develop new skills, and gives her an option to move into a more generic career later.

Comment: Cost of Enforcement v.s. Benefit to Society (Score 3, Interesting) 121 121

This is a universal truism that fits to all law enforcement actions. If a crime is too common to police universally, the law will be applied selectively. If you could convince every defendant of a specific crime to fight the charge in court, that would influence the prosecution of that crime. While every prosecutor would pursue crimes that have an obvious harm to society, prosecution of 'victim-less' crimes would drop off in the face of consistent & vigorous defense. The 'law & order' works because most defendants don't aggressively defend themselves in court.

Comment: "Coding" != Computer Programming (Score 1) 200 200 Assigning the correct (and maximum revenue generating) procedure code to medical insurance claims is a critical business requirement for all health care providers in the US. This is a clerical job that requires a certificate training program and is often combined into a 2yr associates degree.

Comment: Negotiation (Score 1) 712 712

'Deserve' and 'Fairness' are imaginary concepts. People get paid what they negotiate. Business people understand this and this is why they get such 'unfair' compensation that they clearly don't 'deserve'. If you want to paid what you want, instead of what you 'deserve' or what is 'fair', learn to negotiate or get an agent to negotiate on your behalf.

Comment: Bay of Pigs? (Score 1) 199 199

It should include the Bay of Pigs battle. You start off a counter-revolutionary stooge of the US, foolishly believing the US will support your invasion of Cuba. You land your boat, but are surprised by the brave soldiers of the revolution. You use the radio to call in air support. The cutscene plays showing the corrupt playboy american president ignoring your call in favor of spending time with his hollywood movie star girlfriend. You futilely fight on, but the end comes for you. If you survive long enough, you experience a jail cell slide for a few seconds, but regards of your outcome, then a suitably patriotic cutscene plays showing the deliriously happy people of cuba celebrating there new freedom.

Comment: Re:son of BOSSS (Score 1) 529 529

Clearly he cherry-picked the investments for his IRA that he knew (ensured) would do extremely well. If you would already financially comfortable and had access to the selection of investment opportunities available to Bain Capital, you would do the same thing. Put the best investments in a guaranteed tax deferred shelter to stave off paying taxes. Put the rest in your personal investment portfolio that you pay taxes on (and deduct losses on) every year.

Comment: Strict Emissions Standards Benefits Electric Cars? (Score 1) 191 191

'Tesla has the unique distinction of being the only automaker to actually ask us to increase our targets under zero emission rules,' said Ryan McCarthy, the science and technology policy advisor to the chair of the California Air Resources Board. ... Color me surprised...

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