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Comment Re:Gmail is your problem (Score 3, Informative) 213

Gmail has given me the LEAST spam of the 3 big name providers (Google/Yahoo/Microsoft), including when I had my own e-mail server with spamassassin. Not sure what problems you have with Gmail, but false positive rate is minimal and I rarely get more than 50 -actual- spam messages a month. Rest is notifications/newsletters I actually signed up for, or work related.

Submission + - Logitech G35 fried my computer, what should I do? 1

Aequitarum Custos writes: I just bought a G35 headset from Best Buy.

Today I sat down at my computer. When I went to pickup my headphones, the microphone shocked me and my computer shut off.

Now when I try and boot my computer it powers up but nothing else. No beeps or anything.

I called Logitech support, and after telling them what happened, I waited on hold for 10 minutes.

Finally they came back on, claiming the computer must not have been grounded and I should call the manufacturer because they can't do anything about it.

This was a custom built computer used at a company I worked for, for 2 years. I've had it for 6 months without issue.

What are my options, I don't know enough about hardware to say what they claim is false, but it seems like a load of BS to me.

I got pissed, told them I'm calling a lawyer and hung up.

What should I do now?

Oh and if you're reading this Logitech PR, I called at 6:20 CST on December 3rd.

Comment Android is still -your- phone... (Score 1) 509

Congratulations for realizing that Apps downloaded from "The Market" which Google has control over (though rarely use it with the plethora of shitty apps), has strings attached.

You can still download and install any other application, ROM, or otherwise from the internet, without worrying that Google will brick your phone for defying their design.

I'll take Android over iPhone any day of the week. I have a custom ROM, with custom apps not downloaded from the market, and the only thing I did was violate a manufacturer warranty, instead of violating terms of service.

Comment Re:Texas ... you gotta love 'em (Score 1) 804

(Need to start paying attention to that preview...)

Non-Texan' gotta love 'em.

Moronic enough to believe a whole state holds the same stupidity, rather than being intelligent enough to realize that every state has their fair share of idiots.

Not sure where you're from, but I'm sure it's full of <insert whatever state your from's stereotype>s. Yes, I realize I'm using the same logical fallacy as he did...just trying to prove a point ;)

Comment Re:Texas ... you gotta love 'em (Score 1) 804

Non-Texan' gotta love 'em. Moronic enough to believe a whole state holds the same stupidity, rather than being intelligent enough to realize that every state has their fair share of idiots. Not sure where you're from, but I'm sure it's full of s. Yes, I realize I'm using the same logical fallacy as he did...just trying to prove a point ;)

Comment Re:Should there be ANY government secrets? (Score 1) 555

True, I over-generalized far more than I should have. I shouldn't say government in general, however there is no real generic classification for the parts of government that would do this. I'm mainly referring to things the government does, that it knows the population will disagree with, but do it anyways. Those are the types of things that would get classified at any opportunity regardless of whether it has any national security involved at all.

Comment Re:Should there be ANY government secrets? (Score 2, Informative) 555

If left up to the government, it will end up with everything being classified as a National Secret.

Majority of things I've heard about that were leaked, were only classified to avoid embarrassment and prevent protests against things people disagree with.

Can't speak for your experience on the matter, but in my experience, if government had things it's way, FOIA would not exist, and everything would be kept a secret until no one who can suffer consequences for their actions involved with something are long gone.

Submission + - How Do You Get Users to Read Error Messages? 3

A BOFH writes: The longer I do desktop support, the more it becomes obvious that my users don't read anything that appears on their screen. Instead, they memorize a series of buttons to press to get whatever result they want and if anything unexpected happens, they're completely lost. Error logs help a lot, but they have their limits. I've been toying with a few ideas, but I don't know if any of them will work and I was hoping my fellow Slashdotters could point me in the right direction. For example, I was thinking about creating icons or logos to identify specific errors. They might not remember that an error about "uninitialized data" but they might be more able to remember that they got the "puppy error" if I showed a puppy picture next to the error message. Or for times when finding images is too time consuming, you could create simple logos from letters, numbers, symbols, colors or shapes, so you could have the "red 5" error or "blue square" error (or any combination of those elements). I've even wondered if it would be possible to expand that to cover the other senses, for example, playing a unique sound with the error. Unfortunately, haptic and olfactory feedback aren't readily available. I like to think that my users would remember the error that caused them to get a swift kick in the balls. And if they forgot it anyhow, I could always help them reproduce it. Does anyone else have experience with ideas like these? Did it work?

Comment Democracy in action. (Score 3, Interesting) 235

The will of the people is the true purpose of democracy. Regardless of the fact that people are doing this anonymously, this is similar in line to the rebellion against a tyrannical government. Just because the tyranny is not as bad (censorship of porn), and the attack by the people (DDoSing government websites) does not make it a "joke" or an immature prank. If the government was actively rounding up thousands of people from a certain ethnic group for "cleansing", you could expect everyone to gather guns to kill them. Since it is not that serious, you get a less serious, albeit effective response. It made them realize what the public wants. And I don't believe this is a symptom of the "vocal minority" simply because people don't get involved with something for no financial gain, unless they genuinely believe in it, and while it could be the act of a few, it is most likely the act of many. Even if it were a vocal minority, in the US, the constitution was created to protect the freedom of the minority. I don't know how Australia views it's minorities, but I would hope a country that everyone considers "western" holds the same ideal. Anonymous is the true unhindered will of the people. It does not give in to socially acceptable norms, or anything that hides what someone truly wants. If people want porn, they will do so under anonymous. Anonymous is legion.

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