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Comment Re:ISPs and Net Neutrality (Score 5, Informative) 338

At least in the case of Provo, Google Fiber is the ISP. All of the former iProvo customers on Veracity have been given notice to transfer their service by signing up for new Google Fiber accounts (which can be regular Google accounts) before Veracity dumps them completely.

Comment Re:But... (Score 4, Informative) 338

That's not entirely true, they amended their agreement to allow servers so long as they're not for commercial use. They also mentioned that they have commercial/business offerings in the pipeline that would bring back services such as static IPs, one of the few things that I will miss from Veracity.

Comment Re:The Dumbing Down Continues (Score 1) 254

I'm so sick of the idiots coming out of college now that only know Java, the way they look at you in horror when you say, "No, there is not a library for that. You have to write it yourself."

I can agree with the sentiment that someone who only knows how to put libraries together wouldn't be a particularly good developer (and by extension, a particularly good employee), but discounting someone who prefers using a pre-existing library instead of baking their own solution seems a bit of an overreaction. Software development is like any other aspect of collaboration: you won't get very far by reinventing the wheel every time, so what's wrong with building on the work of others in order to accomplish a goal?

Comment And here I was, reading... (Score 1) 57

Here I was, thinking that this might actually be an interesting insight into how each of these sides think, and then:

The MPAA is a not-for-profit trade association founded in 1922 to [...]

Suddenly, I realized that there actually was nothing of interest here at all.

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