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Comment: Re:Build a business case (Score 2) 383

by EvilNTUser (#45593973) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Convince Management To Hire More IT Staff?

> Get the other departments to pressure the CEO to hire more IT staff, so that they can get the projects they need, and will be in a better position to explain what the ROI for the projects they want will be to the company than you will be.

I'd add one more thing to this. Why is his department working on projects for "free" anyway?

If Project X needs 50% of a developer's time and Project Y needs another 50%, that developer's salary should be coming fully out of those projects' budgets. As a result, the IT department has freed up one person's salary and doesn't need a budget increase to hire one person more.

This problem started when the submitter's department started giving away their own budget to other departments, and that's what needs to be fixed. They need to sit down with the big boss and define what "IT support" means, then allocate an appropriate budget for that + managing the IT team. Then, the IT department will manage all IT workers, but only pay for the ones that are actually doing support and sysadmin work.

Comment: Re:What a nonsense post... (Score 1) 1030

by finkployd (#45496713) Attached to: A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP

I'm all for nuclear, I guess the part I don't get is why solar has no part. Maybe not from an industrial power grid scenario but I know two people who are supplying most (in one case all) of their home's power via solar. Are they doing something wrong? Is this hurting the chance for nuclear somehow?

Comment: Re:What a nonsense post... (Score 1) 1030

by finkployd (#45496459) Attached to: A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP

> But because of people like yourself--who are too lazy to figure this out for yourself

Ok, did I miss a declaration of a douchbag contest? Did I accidentally click on youtube instead of facebook? Get over yourself and participate in the conversation like an adult, all I did was ask some questions I'm not out on the street marching against your views.

Interesting information, a bit overshadowed by unnecessary dickishness.

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