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Comment Re:Article is Wrong - Guy Has Become a Pest (Score 4, Informative) 590

Uhhh.... okay. Friends claim there is no fight, fine. They still hit a random guy with their car: I'm no fan of vigilantism and I think he was being a self-righteous ass in this instance, but there WAS crime being committed, people were getting attacked.

Comment Re:Curious focus (Score 1) 433

I seriously doubt Google's only profits from Android are just ads. They probably charge phone manufacturers licensing fees for the software. They probably take a percentage of the profits for downloaded sales on the marketplace. Not saying that these account for all the money, but you are only looking at one of their incomes.

They could be still losing money, though. I don't think they are since they are footing the bill for a lot of phones, but who knows. I certainly don't care as long as they aren't going to drop out of the market anytime soon, which I highly doubt.

Comment Re:Just to get the facts straight (Score 1) 258

In my view, BitCoins should NEVER be adopted mainstream. It's fine if they exist, but we should not build societies on it. The problem is that it uses computationally complex equations as well as cryptography. Over time, hardware gets better, software gets better, and it's really easy to completely destroy an economy based on it.

Counterfeiting in fiat currency can at least be phased out for newer bills. You can't just change the algorithms of BitCoin, unless you want to make a BitCoin v2...

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