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Comment: Free access to the original paper (Score 1) 137

by AdrianMiller (#34134016) Attached to: Cheap Metal-Insulator-Metal (MiM) Diode Created
If anyone’s interested in more on the science behind the story, including details on how the diodes were constructed and tested, we’ve set the original research article free to access for the next four weeks; you can find it here: Adrian Miller Advanced Materials

Cheap Metal-Insulator-Metal (MiM) Diode Created 137

Posted by Soulskill
from the technological-increment dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Progress on metal-insulator-metal diode manufacturing was just reported online in the professional journal Advanced Materials (abstract). For the first time a high-performance 'metal-insulator-metal' diode was created with cheap materials. This is a fundamental discovery. It could change the way manufacturers produce electronic products at high speed, on a huge scale, and at a very low cost, even less than with conventional methods."

Comment: If anyone wants more information... (Score 1) 119

by AdrianMiller (#33584358) Attached to: Cell Phones Powered By Conversations
I work for the journal that published the orignal research paper behind this story, and we've set it free to access for the next few weeks; you can find it here: Adrian Miller Advanced Materials

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