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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 151

From what I can gather on the Virginia one, the power company wants to run new lines through town on poles or out through the country on large towers. Running them through the down the main drag is the big issue. The new towers are the typical "take my land, I think not" problem. However, looking at the maps they provide, there are 5 golf courses in a town of a few thousand people.....

Comment Re:Theft waiting to happen (Score 1) 94

The shipping companies deal with thousands of Amazon boxes a day and they all pretty much look alike. The box they ship it in is probably going to be less decorated than their usual boxes. The only way the driver knows it is special is that it is addressed to a business and he throws his back out picking the damn thing up (come on, at 50TB that is still a good number of harddrives + appliance). But considering that you can get drives in bulk shipped, it will be just another day on the job.

Business is the primary customer, so it isn't like it will be dropped off on the porch and left.

Comment Re:As someone who has been hit by cars.. (Score 1) 696

So what was I doing wrong:

1st time I was almost hit by a car was when one pulled out on the street from a driveway going forward. They stopped before the street. I was lite up with a front, rear, and side lights. I was also wearing my orange vest as well. If I was on the sidewalk, I would have been creamed.

2nd time I was hit by a car when I was crossing in the crosswalk legally (escorting my kids on their bikes). The guy stopped some distance from the line yet still managed to roll into my side trying to do a right on red.

3rd time I was almost hit by a left turner. I slammed on my brakes, but if they wasn't going fast enough, I would have been in the door. I was coming down a hill with lite traffic. All my lights on, my orange vest, and just before the sun peaked above the horizon.

That doesn't mention the few dozen other times where drivers violate my kids and I right of way when crossing streets.

Comment Re:Been there (Score 1) 206

Uh, no. More likely to be injured in a car crash than on a cycle. Even with that risk involved though, it reduces other lack of health risks so you get a net positive.

Now, if they convert the miles/time spent doing the sport to steps, then you loose out cycling. I did a step based fitness challenge at work, and even though I cycle commute 10 miles round trip (with 300+ feet climbs every day), plus any times I went for a joyride, I was still falling behind in the numbers of everybody else. They scored based on miles converted from the steps. Cycling is more efficient than walking so you don't get counted for as many steps. In the end, my average was 40 miles per week over 2 months, and I still tracked my steps off my bike as well.

Comment Re:Balls of shadiness (Score 1) 234

The junk in the ocean does not have a known location that is easy to go out and scoop up. With this they know exactly where the balls are, they are easy to get to as well. All they need to determine is the lifespan of them to collect them before they fall apart. Now, depending on how many balls slip through their fingers they may not have a noticeable impact.

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