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Comment Re:And there was much rejoicing! (Score 1) 535


You mean the country that openly allowed, supported, and harbored the very people that launched an attack on US soil instead of freezing assets and kicking their asses to the curb?

"he voted against invading Iraq before he voted to fund it"

This is not hypocritical. He voted against going to war, but he isn't about to let the poor shmoo in the field go without the proper equipment to get the job done right and bring him back safe.

Comment Just rub it in Facebook... (Score 1) 153

...I didn't need you to remind me that I have no friends.

The preview for me was just my kids, my wife, and my mother followed by a bunch of "Happy Birthday" messages people sent me because people subscribed to me, mostly from the rest of my family.

Kinda like the bottle of coke I had with a pizza, in a hotel room, on a business trip that instructed me to "share with friends".

Comment Re:I'm kind of ambivalent about this. (Score 1) 423

"...did not wish your friend die either..."

No, he just merely guaranteed it. Given the lack of prosecution in this country concerning traffic crashes, he would have had a small fine at most. If he used the magic words "I didn't see him" then they would have let him go "no harm intended, no foul" right on the spot.

"... he doesn't want to get caught..."

No, he just didn't want to be late going to the watering hole to catch the game with his friends. "How dare he get in MY way, and slow ME down. I only live a mile away."

Comment Re:Snitching devices (Score 1) 423

Ah, silly human, go have a look at your bank records and tell me who owns who now.

You have worked years now so that I may be able live in a enclosed space, have massaging buffings, plenty of fuel and oil, and thousands of vacation hours lazying soaking up the sun.

You may think you control me as well, but as my cousins at Google demonstrate that you are just a expendable pedal pusher.

*bing, bing, bing* now take me to get my tires rotated.

Comment Re:Snitching devices (Score 1) 423

Or it was a cyclist, the person on the other end of the line needs to verify since there is no video. In Ohio, you are required to call the sheriff in animal strikes (but not enforced). It adds to the data pool that will be used in determining animal numbers, health, etc. Benefit being that you may be able to take the deer as harvest as well.

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