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Comment: Re:The anthropomorphic interface is a bad idea. (Score 1) 263

by Adelle (#26309067) Attached to: The Secret Origins of Microsoft Office's Clippy

The whole point of automation is that it can do things that are difficult for us to do by hand.

Or things that are unpleasant or that there aren't enough people willing to do for money. Arguably, interacting with people who can't use a word processor might fall into one of those categories.

Comment: Re:Vista vs XP (Score 1) 513

by Adelle (#24239717) Attached to: What Does It Take To Get a PC With XP?

> Explorer cannot keep the display configuration per folder that
> I set it - not if I edit a parent folder (with the 'inherit'
> checkbox cleared, obviously).

I think this is a long-running bug from XP and earlier. The "per-folder" configuration stores configuration entries for a fixed maximum number of folders, which I imagine you are more likely to have exceeded if you are running Vista.

There may be a registry hack, but I just turn the feature off because it annoys me when it works.

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