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Comment: Re:I would think (Score 3, Interesting) 183

by Adambomb (#48957963) Attached to: The "Cool Brick" Can Cool Off an Entire Room Using Nothing But Water

From my days working in the dry portions of Colorado in the summers, exactly this.Swamp Coolers have been used forever and are a godsend in the 100+ parts of summer.

It's a dry heat sure, but thats why swamp coolers work there.

All this seems to be doing is optimizing the concept instead of just having giant slats paddlewheeling in a tank.

Comment: Re:So what exactly is the market here. (Score 1) 730

by Adambomb (#47865127) Attached to: Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

See, now what you describe I could see having a market. Especially with advances in flexible displays some sort of comfortable short bracer like wrist device with decent screen real estate and the ability to incorporate phone functionality, whether in itself or by bluetooth sync to the phone in your pocket, would be much more of a development.

Comment: So what exactly is the market here. (Score 4, Insightful) 730

by Adambomb (#47864457) Attached to: Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

A gigantic set of the population is no longer even used to the concept of wearing a watch, because they have their phone. This device doesn't replace their phone. What exactly is the reason to have this as well, as opposed to pulling your phone out of your pocket?

Unless some company comes up with a functionally independent wearable device that replaces the need for keeping your phone with you I do not see the appeal. I don't understand what the pitch is supposed to even be. Literally every functionality can be responded to with "but i have my phone right here, it also does that and better"

Comment: Re:Turn it around: (Score 3, Insightful) 130

For all I detest the fact, i still hold that anyone should be free to be a complete fucking idiot. If you hold ultra fundamentalist nutjobs as being limitable speech you are simply paving the way for rationalism to be limited in the advent of a fucking moronic demographic spike. Overestimating future generations is kind of what has fucked america over already.

Comment: Re:Auctioning money? (Score 3, Insightful) 101

Fine, but that doesn't change my basic point. Why bother with an auction that will necessarily get less than an open market?

The same reason you wholesale anything; You get a transaction that moves a large volume quickly. Basically all consumer goods you buy in any kind of branded store works this way, Wholesalers, whether manufacturers or a middleman, sell large volume to companies who then take the burden of distribution but reap the benefits of charging retail price and profiting on the difference between that and the wholesale cost plus infrastructure/logistics costs. The wholesaler gets the benefit of moving a large volume at an agreed upon price and not having to worry about inventory control, distribution, or logistics of getting it to the consumer.

This is not strange, or even strange at all. Side benefit in this case, they get the auction entry fee from everyone bidding regardless of whether they win and also a look into who is interested in amassing a large quantity of bitcoins.

Honestly this shouldn't require explanation,

Comment: Re:How is this tech and wtf is this doing on Slash (Score 1) 164

by Adambomb (#43222907) Attached to: Possible Chemical Weapons Use In Syria

Note: it is Russia and China that have everyone afraid to intervene for the most part. What we have here is a clusterfuck of the current iteration of the Great Game causing political tensions that make most nations leery to the point that everyone refuses to take any action.

This is doubly so for America as you add in the Democrats knowing damned well that no matter how justified an intervention is they will be tarred even more by Republicans claiming it was simply warmongering (see Libya).

So those in power amongst the major powers are too busy glaring at each other while thousands and thousands of Syrians die and even more are displaced. You are right about apathy being a major problem as even if it seemed ineffectual, massive protests concerning inaction in Syria would force the news outlets to at least have to mention the issue rather than continuing to sweep the problem under the rug beyond the odd "shits still crazy in Syria" headline.

Comment: Slashvertisementitis (Score 5, Informative) 66

by Adambomb (#42770751) Attached to: IronKey Releases Windows 8 Certified Bootable Flash Drive

I know it's pretty cliche to scream slashvertisement whenever there's an article involving a purchasable gadget, but jebus tapdancing christ guys when you advertise the price including a link to their store for something like this it really is getting sad.

If it ISN'T intentional you sure are letting submissions take you for a ride.

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