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Submission + - Anti-Crime Bill to sneak in anti-anonymitty?->

Adambomb writes: In Canada it seems the new Conservative majority is already trying to sneak some radical changes to the legality of anonymity and hyperlinking on the internet. Macleans reports on the details that would extend the powers of existing legislation against misrepresentation to apply to all technology.
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Submission + - Down at the Docks - Service Late Fees

Adambomb writes: It would seem that one of the primary satellite TV providers in canada, Bell ExpressVU, is facing a class action lawsuit concerning the legality of service late fee calculations. The focus appears to be on the use of late fees, and the subsequent effective interest that they result in at the bottom line. In canada it is apparently criminal to require effective interest greater than 60% which Toronto lawyer Laura Young claims ExpressVU exceeds.

One thing many forget with regards to disputes with monthly services:

"Even if it's in a contract, if it's illegal, it's not enforceable," said Toronto lawyer Laura Young [...]"

Here's hoping this is the beginning of the de-obfuscation of monthly service billing schemes.

Submission + - Web Radio Negotiations carry Unreasonable Demands->

Adambomb writes: It would seem that the new terms which would limit the maximum fee for multiple-channel web radio broadcasts contains a hook: Such broadcasters must find a means to ensure that stream-ripping is not plausible. Given that the analog hole will ALWAYS exist as far as I can imagine in such scenarios, is this even possible?
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Submission + - Plug-In Hybrid Cars to hit Toronto by 2008

Adambomb writes: A recent story on CTV has brought to light a municipal partnership between the City of Toronto and Hymotion (an Ontario based company recently acquired by A123 Systems Inc. of Watertown, MA) to help ease fuel usage in the metropolis. The pilot project is expected to hit the roads with as many as 200 vehicles with a new Plug-In conversion to allow hybrid cars to be charged directly instead of relying primarily on engine power. CTV quotes Hymotion President Ricardo Bazzarella stating that the cars will be able to travel 100km of city driving with just 2.4 litres of gasoline (about 2/3rds of a gallon).

Submission + - America Desensitized concerning Spam?

Adambomb writes: It seems like spam is becoming less and less noticeable to Americans at large these days. A recent article in iTWire, and many other sources notes that although americans are receiving more spam than ever, but are impacted less (or at least perceive the impact less) than in the past. Hopefully this will mark a trend towards the devaluing of spam as an advertising medium.

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