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Submission + - DNA in the Data Center

Adam Hazzlebank writes: The Oxford Nanopore website has been updated with details of its DNA analysis platform. It's a 2U rack box consuming 50W and is designed to be installed in data centers!
The move is designed to increase the density of such devices for the large scale deployment. And could support personal genome analysis services similar to those offered by 23andme or Illumina But idea that a DNA "sequencer" could become just another read device on the network is interesting and makes the deployment of DNA analysis devices in companies as seen in GATTACA more realistic. At least you wont have to worry about leaving your swipecard at home...

Comment Re:Original cablegate links? (Score 2) 185

So far this is the only reference I can find:

On June 24 servers in China were virally infected, causing them to redirect computers attempting to reach Google pages to an unknown web site. These attacks made Google services unavailable to many Chinese users for approximately 24 hours, and caused the company to lose 20% of its traffic on that day.

Comment Re:Obligatory cop-out (Score 1) 419

Yea. So in this case they are coming for people stealing stuff and causing damage to private property.

So erm, first they came for the people stealing peoples stuff, I did not speak because I don't like stealing other peoples stuff.

I don't see how your quote applies here.

Comment Re:Internet Eyes charges its viewers to report cri (Score 1) 419

So is this a bad idea? The usually arguments are that CCTV cameras reduce privacy and when state controlled gives more power to the state (Schneier says this is the case even if the CCTV data is generally available).

However in this case, the state isn't holding the data. It's being acquired from private sources. It doesn't appear to be aggregated. It doesn't seem like you could using it for stalking. Is there a problem here?

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