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Comment Re:Can you imagine dropping on of these phones? (Score 1) 108

It depends on how big those pieces are. The energy going into spitting the chunks apart would otherwise be damaging a chunk. Old nokia phones used to break when dropped, into four pieces: Front faceplate, rear cover, battery, remainder. You could snap them back together with your fingures.

Same reason crumple zones save lives.

Comment Re:Problem with the solution? (Score 1) 188

You're doing work on the plane. I consider that analogous to watching videos, etc. If you want to do that on a plane, maybe you should download videos to watch/files you want to work on ahead of time (I do.).

A business traveler staying connected is an entirely different use case. There, the timeliness of communication is of paramount importance. It's also a place where latency will be annoying, but not prohibitive.

Comment Re:chmod 751 some_directory (Score 1) 166

Well, for example, I can think of a situation for: create, NOT delete, NOT modifiy, NOT read. If there is a shared area where people are putting resumes, or other submissions. You don't want htem to affect or compete with one already there. Nor read the others.

I can see a log file you can append-only to.

There's a lot of interesting cases if the permissions are cut fine enough.

Comment Re:RIP Flash . . . (Score 1) 201

May every proprietary, insecure, single-vendor piece of battery-eating nonsense

Except the AS engine was opensourced, Adobe offered to merge with JavaScript, and there are (or was, I dunno anymore) an active fork for FireFox.

Heck, JS irks me a hell of a lot more, because Flash at least didn't try to pretend it was a web site when it was trying to run a ton of code.

Comment Re:Looking at you, BBC... (Score 1) 201

? That's actually more effort to maintain than just doing it right in the first place

You assume they're not writing it in Flash and exporting it as HTML5 for mobile. And some people still cannot use HTML5. Heck, I'm doing some work now in Flash for a client that still mandates IE7 on their machines (change is slow).

But also, Flash is good in many ways. It isolates stuff in a plug-in, and not every site assumes you have it. Unlike JavaScript, which people have started to require to load static pages. For reasons.

Comment Re:Surprised (Score 1) 222

Okay, "a lot" on the internet is probably not really a great measure, since it just means a few people were vocal enough. And I don't really recall if it was CNN or other news agencies, although I'm pretty sure it was CNN among others.

But, I know that famously (on Slashdot), someone was suing CNN plus a bunch of others for using his photos of Haiti's earthquake.

Comment Re:No. 13 Disagree and commit sounds like Engineer (Score 1) 396

Yeah, I get that. Totally optional. You can disguise unpleasantness as long as that doesn't prevent the message from getting across.

Sometimes its better to be brutal. Sometimes, it doesn't even work to not be brutal. But most people would prefer that their errors get pointed out softly.

I mean, "How does your design handle failure condition X" is not brutal. But there are definately other ways to phrase the issue that are.

Comment Re:No. 13 Disagree and commit sounds like Engineer (Score 2) 396

We need to be brutal when reviewing designs and analysis

No, you need to be accurate and complete. Painful/brutal is totally optional.

You need to ensure a drone doesn't kill someone. You can accomplish that through quite a few methods. Being a dick is unnecessary.

Comment Re:Two forms of legalized fraud (Score 1) 113

you are going to claim that the barrier to entry is a higher cost to do those things then, well, I would like to point out that it is not unfair that I get to buy a BMW while you are stuck in a Ford Focus

Can we distinguish between capital investments and consumer goods? No one (here) is saying you getting a BMW is unfair. What people are saying is that the stock market is a pay to win game that results in positive feedback loops. And it's kinda ridiculous.

Imagine this: I pay someone at a company for advance notice of their sales figures. Classic insider trading. How is it different to pay someone to know what the stock price is several microseconds before anyone else, so I can respond first?

Comment Re:Accuracy of the data? (Score 1) 206

where do we stand when I may literally pay more for my insurance than the guy at the next desk for no other reason than Fitbit's crappy quality control?

At the plantiff's table as part of a class action lawsuit.

But you'd be doing it wrong. Poor quality control means that you should be able to figure out how to errs and get unearned discounts.

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.