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+ - Why would you teach your kid to brush his teeth - there's an app for that.->

Submitted by Actually, I do RTFA
Actually, I do RTFA (1058596) writes "

Have you ever tried to teach your kid the "Bass-Stillman" brushing technique — the technique that dental professionals would try to teach your child if they thought he could handle it?

That's the question asked by Brush Up, a new mobile game with a bluetooth-enabled toothbrush. They purport to be able to train your child to brush his own teeth. They seem to back it up, as they used NIH (National Institute of Health) money to run a year long study.

Interestingly, they hired a developmental psychologist, because apparently you brain handles brushing your teeth differently when you are younger.

Their website has some information, but they seem to have put a lot more effort into their Kickstarter page.

Would you trust your child to bring a tablet/phone into the bathroom as they brush? Do you think you can teach better than a game? Or will parents not ask themselves any of those questions, and just buy it to get their kid to brush his teeth without a fight?"

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+ - Fluke Donates Real Multimeters to SparkFun as goodwill gesture->

Submitted by Actually, I do RTFA
Actually, I do RTFA (1058596) writes "We recently heard about the confiscation of a delivery of multimeters to SparkFun for infringing on Fluke's trademark. One common thread in the discussions was the theme that Fluke should have let that shipment through ("lawyers" argued about the legal ramifications of it) as a goodwill gesture to SparkFun and the Maker community. Well, Fluke did one better. They announced they were sending more than $30k worth of official multimeters to SparkFun for them to do whatever they want with.

SparkFun is most likely going to give them away.

A great example of win-win-win?"

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+ - Microsoft loses final appeal in EU Antitrust case.

Submitted by Actually, I do RTFA
Actually, I do RTFA (1058596) writes "Being a convicted monopolist in Europe may be not as sweet a deal as in the United States. Microsoft has been forced to allow blanket licences to its server protocols[Free registration required]. Although they will still be raking in the money (at 10,000 euro upfront and 0.4% in royalties), it seems paltry compared to the almost 6% royalty rate they used to insist upon. And Microsoft has already paid 1 billion euros ( $1.43 billion US ) for the privledge of appealing to this stage, with a possibility that they will owe another 1.6 billion euros more.

Since they are having such a bad day, I thought I might as well advertise where you can purchase access to their proprietary code to make up for it. Curiously enough though, that site is down."
The Almighty Buck

+ - Our ATM is broken, so you go to jail?->

Submitted by Actually, I do RTFA
Actually, I do RTFA (1058596) writes "A short while ago, slashdot featured an article about possible criminal prosecution for people who took advantage of faulty slot machine software. At the time, many people drew an analogy to an ATM that dispensed too much money. Well, apparently, that too may result in criminal charges. Interestingly, although they suspect that someone may have tampered with the ATM, they are considering charging anyone who withdrew money from the ATM.

This also provides an interesting rejoinder to 'if they can build a secure ATM, why cannot Diebold build a secure electronic voting machine.'"

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