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Comment Re:Programming (Score 1) 572

no one could tell me why I need to know about differential equations, imaginary numbers and integrals to program a computer.

Other than signal/image/text processing, graphics, physics simulation, financial modelling, search optimization and ad/content tailoring, (and probably others) you're right.

Programming in general doesn't require those skills. Programming interesting things does.

Comment Re:HTML == Programming? (Score 1) 572

This was back in the late '90s, early aughts, so it was before the advent or wide adoption of DHTML, AJAX, HTML 5 etc... The answer had to be pure HTML4: no javascript, no css, no plugins, no activeX etc...

Sure. IE 5 through Whatever EOL of IE is had "conditional comments" Because "fuck standards", that's why. So things like <!--[if IE] > were respected by the browser. You couldn't take the negation, of course, because no one else would respect it. But totally worked.

And yeah, most people are saying HTML not realizing it's a markup language. I totally get that. Just had to throw some snark back!

Comment Re:All mathematical fields are necessary nowaday (Score 1) 572

have no idea what is Combinatorics,

If you've been programming since the nineties, you probably do. Combinatorics is basically what tells you that making quintuple nested for loops scales at the product of the size of each loop. It gets more complex, of course, but basically it's one of the cores of optimization.

Comment Re:Programming (Score 1) 572

Yes, you should absolutely take someone else's word for it,

A mathy person knows what problems exist that they need help on. A non-mathy person does not. Therefore, a mathy person will know to look up "how should I salt for an md5 hash." A non-mathy person copies another non-mathy person's code, and boom, rainbow table attack vector.

Comment Re:Programming (Score 1) 572

Yes, you can cobble together a website with no coding skills by using text and simple markup tags.

Fixed that for you. A website isn't programming. It's content. Which is fine. Humanities majors should be better at producing content than math majors (with the exception of technical content for other math majors, etc).

Comment Re:Economics isnt science. (Score 2) 148

every country which embraces regulated capitalism has experienced a steady improvement in standards of living and wealth would have stuck in old Karl's craw.

Marx advocated most of the things that regulated capitalism did. Remember, the Communist Manifesto was really advocating Socialism, not what is now called Communism.

There were ten areas he wanted to change. Some of them are now considered to be such "duh" ideas they will remain forever: Progressive taxation and universal education. Some are definitely implemented (partially) through things like (real estate) property taxes and estate taxes. Some were kinda stupid, in that he wanted a lot more agricultural workers and for everyone to have to take a turn farming. But keep in mind, the massive agricultural revolution is pretty recent, and both Marx and Smith were tripped up by the idea that we could genetically engineer crops or build giant combines.

Comment Re:Great experience (Score 1) 182

I really have no concern about sharing it with Google, because no one is ever going to see it.

Well, an individual person doesn't need to see it. If they're willing to use searches to send people job offers and ads, what else can they automate?

And what happens when Google has a breech or a bad setting. Remember when Google signed people up for G+,. and a lot of private data got exposed. Then a person will see it, because many eyes all looking at their friend's data.

I suppose if Google is beneficent, never hacked, and remains both of those forever, we're fine.

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