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Comment Re:And why should this be done? (Score 1) 501

I'm honestly quite conflicted about it.

On the one hand, it's pretty bad to manipulate people. On the other hand, someone is going to, if not people I agree with.

And if the choice is making people happier because they drink brand X and wear brand Y, or making people happier because they are productive programmers, I'd much rather the later.

Comment Re:And why should this be done? (Score 1) 501

You weren't born like that. You were socialized from a very young age by the same father who (a) took the time to learn all those things himself and (b) took the time to pass on that love and that knowledge to you.

That's a good thing. There are just other people who could have developed that love if they were encouraged. And there are girls out there who were told that coding is boys job that need to hear that's not the case.

I'm not saying everyone needs to code. I'm saying that people should get encouraged to give it a real try.

Comment Re:And why should this be done? (Score 1) 501

Obviously, all women that want to be coders ...have a more than good shot at becoming coders. That is what matters. ... "getting more women into coding" sound like trying to trick or coerce people into doing things they do not want

You make it sound like people's preferences are fully formed when they emerge from the womb. They aren't. Society, and subgroups within, try to mold preferences for all kinds of reasons..

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 2) 379

I felt fine about those Colbert and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (holding out judgment on Noah) Because those shows were funny already. The Big Bang Theory is not.

It's like the pretty much the difference between splitting a bottle of wine with your partner to celebrate closing a giant deal, and splitting a bottle of whiskey because you lost one.

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