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Comment Re:If you can't beat 'em... (Score 4, Informative) 49

It seems you have missed the point. You patent to avoid the patent trolls to sue you claiming a patent on a thing you neglected to patent. Even if at the end you may win, you will throw a lot of money at this useless lawsuit. So, to avoid it in first place, you are better to patent everything you can.

Comment Re:If you can't beat 'em... (Score 4, Insightful) 49

Not exactly. Given the threat the patent trolls represents, it is of good advice for a company to patent as much as possible its own contributions and inventions in order to not have to throw the shareholders' money at lawsuits initiated by the patent trolls companies. If you were the IBM CEO you wouldn't do otherwise. It may appear outrageous, but the first responsability of the CEO is to protect the money of the shareholders and make it profitable. Clearly, getting the patents will protect the shareholders' money.

Comment Re: Food Allergies (Score 1) 193

There is more kids? Where? You are kidding, aren't you? We are just having our age of eligibility for rents postponed by two years here in Canada. From 65 to 67 years old because there isn't enough kids and people contributing to the funds. And since we are not in the European Union, we cannot ask someone else to pay for them or lend us money to keep everything as before like nothing change in the world.

We are even closing schools. So, where did you pick this idea there is so much more kids today than yesterday to explain the difference?

Comment Re:Why build one (Score 1) 447

A ferry would be much slower than a bridge even without taking into account the boarding. It also have to be run on specific schedule while the bridge is always accessible anytime. In addition, a bridge would be much more handly for very long train convoys. It will be much more energy efficient at the end to transport massively goods.

Comment Re:They also believe (Score 1) 129

I guess he believes that the same way some believe the Red Sea was splitted in two by Moses and Jesus actually existed, died, resurrected and flew back to his Dad. In fact, the idea we will actually colonize space has its root from the same religious beliefs we inherited the world and must conquer it. At least from the protestant's view of the world. The man is created to engineer the world. It is just an extension of religion.

Comment Re:If you think Windows is bad (Score 1) 367

Perhaps that's the deal Microsoft intends to offer to its customers with Windows 10. I don't believe either one is an acceptable approach. For sure, you can always say to the customer, let me control everything in exchange I will guarantee you a more secure platform. Even if it is not true, it is very unlikely next door guy will notice.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 266

There will not be any Windows 11 or higher. Windows 10 is the final version of Windows. Everything else will be delivered as added features and patches. That is the last major upgrade of Windows you will ever have to do. On my side, at work, they are still running Windows XP on many of our workstations in the field and they are just starting the process to migrate them to Windows 7. New workstations are all Windows 7. So, I guess I will grow old before I will see Windows 10 in my workplace. However, I will soon upgrade one of my machines, the only one with Windows, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I just wonder if the Keil uvision IDE version 4.74 and 5.x are running properly on Windows 10. That is the only reason I have a Windows workstation at home.

Comment Re:Yeah, be a man! (Score 1) 601

Why would someone wants to kill him in Russia right now? There is no reason for that, even the USA govt has no interest in such a thing. They don't want to make him a suffering hero or a martyr. He is no longer a threat anyway. He released all the information he had, he has no more to release and any more value to anyone. The only very thing the USA govt wants, is a trial where they can prove their point. Even the sentence is not really important here as long as they prove their point.

Comment Re: Whistle blower (Score 1) 601

Exactly and this is the reason he has not chance to win a trial. He is actually guilty for leaking these documents which have nothing to do with what most people credit him and admire him. He did a lot of wrongs beside the goods. So, the White House is coherent, if you, Edward Snowden believe you have not done anything wrong come back and let us have a trial to see. If you think otherwise, stay away.

Comment Re:Whistle blower (Score 0) 601

No, Snowden is up there with Ben Franklin and the like. People who resisted their government at the very highest levels, people who would have hanged for their activities if they'd allowed themselves to get caught.

The funny about the US is that is was founded on terrorism. It was owned by the King of England, and the terrorists rose up and defeated him. How is Snowden any different? The US govt is now playing the role of the King of England, and he is playing the great American Hero. Where are his supporters who will happily fight and die along side him? Nah too hard, what are the Kardashians up to this week?

Pretty lame comparison. The King of England was representing an absolutist regime while the current USA govt is a democratic regime, this is a huge difference. You basically defeat a democratic regime by voting. So far, the democratic regime don't want Snowden to win because there are serious drawbacks in the way he acted that jeopardize the democratic regime itself. What do you replace a democratic regime by? A totalitarian regime? You are left with no options here. You cannot defeat a democratic regime like the patriots did in 1776.

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