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by AchilleTalon (#47711739) Attached to: Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

You can do the math yourself with a little search. Here is the 2012 report from the International Energy Agency, you have the numbers for year 2010 breakdown by energy production source. World Energy Outlook 2012, (IEA), current report is accessible for a fee.

For example, solar power from PV panels is 32 TWh, solar power by concentrating solar rays is 2 TWh, wind is 342 TWh, Hydro is 3 431 TWh (page 216). Nuclear is 2 756 TWh, fossil fuels is 14 446 TWh (page 182). Note: This is only the usage for electrical power generation, since other usages of fossil fuels are responsible for air pollution you should take this into account when using pollution numbers.

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There is no such constant in physics like the speed of the electron. The speed of the electron depends on the medium it is travelling into as well as the force applied to it. That's why the electron's speed is not the same in an old CRT monitor than in the LEP (Large Electron-Positron Collider, the ancestor of the LHC in Geneva).

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Well, clearly moving mainframe people to OS/2 development wouldn't have been a so great idea. The mainframe segment was much more profitable than the PC segment where the profit margin are so thin IBM decided to sell the whole division to Lenovo. The money is elsewhere.

And do not forget memory management has to be reinvented because there was IP rights on the MVS algorithms IBM wasn't willing to transfer to OS/2. In these old times, the PC market and mid-range market were perceived as a threat by the big mainframe guys at IBM which were still the guys at the top in the hierachy. The technical side is just the lesser part of this problem.

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It is pain in the ass these kind of articles are babbling about pizza, elevator and all this irrelevant stuff about the personality of the interviewer and the interviewee. Go straigth to the facts of interest and cut down this article from 7 pages to only 1.

It's like the author is trying to write the first chapter of a novel he hopes Hollywood will buy for the next blockbuster. Give us the facts, we can wait for the movie.

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He's fried, whatever happens from now 'til is death. He will never ever get any kind of pardon. He stole 60 GB of data, only a very small portion of this data was leaked to prove NSA's violation of the Constitution of the USA and the remaining can be held against him to prove him guilty of treason. There is no way back for him. He played the wrong hand by stealing unneeded data to prove his point. Either is a fool, either he planned to use this extra information to buy him a shelter in some State far from USA.

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What's the point about the market share? A company can be healthy and profitable without being the market leader, suffice to have a niche market share composed of wealthy customers ready to pay premium for products designed for their needs. Note, I am not saying BB is that, what I am saying is refraining about the market share size of a company is a false argument without the context.

In fact, BB's error was probably just that, go after the whole market and introduce multiple products, including low-end products to gain market share rather than focusing on the original customer base and improve the products for this customer base.

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Blackphone is not a BlackBerry phone, it is a competitor. That's why BB fans quoted Justin Case as if he did prove BB is superior to Blackphone, which isn't what he proved. BlackBerry's CEO claimed the Blackphone was only consumer-grade privacy, not business grade privacy, implying BB products are superior in terms of security. Which Justin Case doesn't agree claiming they appear safer only because they are a low interest traget to hackers.

To summarise, it is not about underlying BB platform at all, rather than about the Blackphone underlying platform.

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He would get a fair trial. The problem is he would not be able to present a credible defence for the information he has taken and leaked which is not related to the point he says he wants to make about government's agency violating the Constitution. He has taken unrelated information to this. Not all the information he has taken has been leaked to the public, but it has to private parties. He would never been set free for having taken and leaked to private parties this unrelated information.

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Yes, it is, and I explained why. Without knowing the full extent of the program, it becomes more difficult to defend oneself until it stops, and it also becomes more difficult to stop it from happening again by having the right protections in the right places. Besides that, The People need to know how, exactly, the government is violating the constitution.

You did not explain anything, you are just convinced all this information was necessary even if most of it has not been leaked in public anyway. That is in fact the proof he doesn't need all this information to make his point.

You are confusing surrendering everyone's freedoms to the government with going to Russia because your own government will likely strip you of your freedoms if you do not. There is a difference between someone choosing to go to Russia and the government violating people's freedoms. Try to keep up.

He did not choose to go to Russia, he had no other alternative and was locked in Russia. Now, you already presume he would have been striped from his freedom by the USA government. Do you mean nobody will stand for him in USA? What is that? If it is so obvious he was the good in the story, why do you believe he would not be capable to escape a trial or win it?

You or I have done nothing even close to what Snowden has, and likely never will. He's not the coward here.

Don't mix things. Being foolish doesn't mean you are brave.

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