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Comment Sorry to say so, but... (Score 5, Insightful) 301

you are off by an astronomical unit if you believe it was the GUI that made the success of Windows 95. Its success is mainly due to the inclusion of the TCP/IP stack which standardized how PC owners can connect to the internet in an easy manner since then. Done with Trumpet IP and the likes trying to make things working. What drove people at this time was already the desire to access the internet, the real new thing. Most Joe users had to ask a relative if they were lucky enough to have one in the computer science field to setup their PC with Windows 3.1. Windows 95 made this easy.

Comment Any shortage of suicide bombers? (Score 1) 210

I don't see how this is a worst threat than the current situation provided there plenty suicide bombers available. The driver is only part of the problem to setup a terrorist action against a target. In addition, the AV is much more trackable than any other vehicle and then can be easily and quickly linked to the author. Which defeat partly the purpose of using an AV in first place to not be linked to the terrorist action.

Do you really believe the insurance companies will let these vehicles running without being tracked in order to establish the responsability in case of an accident?

Of course, someone can hijack the AV to make it vanish on the radar, etc. However, this will make each terrorist mission more complicated.

I guess someone in Hollywood wants to build another lame scenario around the usage of AV as remote controlled bombs or whatever.

Comment Re:Dumbest thing I've heard today. (Score 1) 546

And it is not that accurate as Christie believes it is. There is a limited number of locations the package can be: cargo airplane, truck, border/customs, distribution centers. FedEx doesn't update a map with the GPS coordinates of your package.

Comment Re: Hope for whom... the customer? (Score 1) 154

Uber is making its money from not paying what any legitimate taxi driver must pay or any taxi corporation must pay to meet the regulations and obligations. In short, Uber is making its money by cheating on the free market. Should they have to incure the same costs as the regular taxi industry as a whole you would be legitimated to talk about free market. But they just don't. Making money by cheating is easy until you get caught. Now, they are lobbying to evade the rules and regulations.

The regulations exists because otherwise nobody will enter the market in first place. They are there to ensure a decent revenue to the taxi driver and make this job appealing enough so there is enough taxis available for the citizen when they need one.

Comment Re:Graph explains everything (Score 0) 391

Who f... care how cheap is coal and natural gas when you factor, blah, blah, blah, ... These are intangible costs you cannot compute and actually put on the budget sheet. So, as long as you cannot actually compute and link a real cost item on the balance sheet, it doesn't exist. Estimates are not costs, projections are not costs. Nobody really want to pay an upfront cost on gas and coal for something you cannot actually track the money to the actual expense. I can argue I am charging you a potential damage cost in the gas price to put aside to pay for all environmental damages or something like that and just bank the money for my next yatch and whatnots.

Comment The worst part isn't the rebranding (Score 4, Insightful) 80

The worst part isn't the rebranding. It is none of these f... businesses seeking for rock stars will ever pay the money a rock star deserves. That's just hilarious to read a position description asking for a rock star programmer or whatever, it usually means you will be paid peanuts and you are expected to do miracles in exchange. The HR people are the worst dumbasses on this planet. Never apply for such a position.

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