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Comment: Re:Honour to the Greek People (Score 4, Informative) 1158 1158

Pretty silly. They owe money to other European citizen, not to banks. The banks are just the convenient intermediate here. They owe a total of 300 billion euros to other european countries. I don't know how devaluation of the drachma will help here, there is a limit on the amount of olives and feta cheese I can eat. Getting paid in monopoly money won't help neither to reimburse any debt in euros. And you are wrong, they have no budget surplus now. They still need to borrow money to meet this month's end obligations.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 5, Informative) 1158 1158

Explain why a structural reform of the economy cannot be performed in parallel with austerity. Greece owe 300 billion euros to other european countries and there was 390 billion euros on the table to sustain Greece until 2020. That's the deal they refused. Explain us how Greece will now find someone willing to lend them more money at better conditions than the dead deal? How this referendum result has given Greek govt a better position to negociate with its partners?

Comment: Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 3, Insightful) 1158 1158

Well said. Greece owe about 300 billion euros to other european countries that put together the plan to help them, this money is owed to ordinary citizen. Greece still need more money because the budget is having a negative balance. Who and at which conditions someone will be ready to lend more money to Greece now?

Apparently they voted against austerity. They may soon discover the one ahead is manifold worst than what was imposed upon them by the European Union so far.

Comment: Re:Uber takes over? (Score 2) 228 228

Exactly, they underestimate what an hungry taxi driver with his friends can do. Here, a taxi driver license cost about 100 000$, they will not let Uber do this job without paying their share somehow. Taxi drivers have also their lobby here. Once Uber will have killed the taxi industry to replace it don't you believe it will rise its fares? It may be nice for the occasional driver to make a few bucks on a ride on his path. It is another thing to provide a service everywhere covering the costs for the car which will need to be replaced and repair much often than the one of the occasional driver. I don't believe they can do much better on the long run than the taxi industry, beside the convenience of the application for the users. However, the taxi industry can easily develop an equivalent application.

Comment: Re:Memory Safe Languages As Countermeasure (Score 1) 165 165

In realtime systems you don't want this kind of behavior because you will not be able to predict the exact execution time in a consistent manner for a piece of code. That is the reason all this memory checking things are not desirable when building realtime systems.

Comment: Re:Memory Safe Languages As Countermeasure (Score 1) 165 165

So what. C is also used for many critical systems. What is your point? Did Ada succeeded? It seems not since it is not much more widely use than it is after many years in the market. But, anyway, the original assumption is not about the language, it is all about the "cowboy style". This is a false discussion.

I am not neither sure the cowboy style argument itself hold waters. Anyone has numbers to compare the security breach in the automotive industry due to bad programming practices vs the rest of the world?

As far as I know, there tighter and stronger procedures, QA and certification requirements for automotive software in critical systems than for a web browser.

Another point that may prevent using the new programming language "au goût du jour" is the realtime requirements. You need to control very precisely the instructions and the execution time of them for safety reasons when controlling the mechanical parts of an automobile. That's not something you can do with every programming language, in particular those hiding a lot of stuff under the cover to make the programmer's life easier.

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