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Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 2) 115

And just take this single fact the astronauts heading to Mars will be constantly and permanently striked by cosmic rays since Mars doesn't have a magnetic field and its atmosphere is much less dense than Earth's atmosphere. In case you don't know, when cosmic rays strikes you eye globe it produces flashes you can see. In short, these poor guys will have hard time to sleep. This is just one thing among a pile of others that would turn anyone unsane here after a couple of months.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 115

Pretty much silly declaration. There is a lot of unknowns starting from sustaining life and keep sane the astronauts during the journey to Mars.

But I agree the whole budget thing is just even more silly than the rest. Who would spend taxpayers' billion dollars to save Matt Damon (again)? Be realistic, we let people die here on Earth for much less than that. Let him die once and for all. The astronaut is of no value once the mission is over.

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 2) 29

So, you believe hackers are all acting rationally. How do you explain Mafia Boy and the likes? What did he gain from flooding Yahoo and other with a DDoS attack? Would you trust a medical result from a poorly protected medical device which may lead to a cancer diagnostic or something which in turn may lead to very bad, costly and inconvenient side effects? Hacking doesn't just mean the medical device is out of service, it can be much more subtle. You may just gather medical data to resell, blackmail, etc.

Comment Re:Energy is the priority (Score 2) 142

Sorry to said so, but you are an idiot. Cleaning water requires energy, growing food requires energy, working efficiently requires energy. That's were everything starts for these countries struggling with these problems. Where did you read I said the energy is supposed to be an electric outlet for a kid? Nowhere, you are just full of shit.

Comment Energy is the priority (Score 3, Interesting) 142

In poor and developing countries the energy production is the priority. Even before food, clean water, etc. Once you have affordable energy, you can efficiently grow food, clean water or at least produce something you can sell to buy food and water. How will you connect to the internet without energy? How will you run a computer, tablet or cellphone on which you can connect to the internet without energy? How do you plan to connect the remote tribes in Papua New Guinea?

Comment Re:Move and die! (Score 2) 351

Any ad that make a site to perform badly or change the page layout in an unsual way should be ban in first place by the website owner. If he tolerates badly designed ads, he doesn't deserve to make money from his website. You do not respect your audience, do not expect them to respect you. All the flashy animated bullshit should be banned from the whole internet, dot period. These technologies (animation, etc) are nice for content, not for marketing bullshit. You just want to grab more attention than I am willing to give you because you are trying to sell me crappy products that do not attract customers buy they own qualities.

Comment Re:The Nazis Could Have Won (Score 1) 295

On another hand, who was really knowing what was going on in weapons development in Germany during the war? They had the potential to build a successful nuclear bomb, that was enough. It seems the root of the argument is you shouldn't have develop the nuclear bomb unless you have enough evidence the enemy is about to have one first. That's not how it works, that just plain stupid to wait until your enemy is having a WMD before you develop one. In particular when the enemy is someone insane as Hitler was.

Comment At my humble opinion... (Score 2) 73

The single biggest problem with the current internet, beside the technical things is this protocol has been designed for peer to peer networking and the Internet has been build as a server centric IBM mainframe SNA network.The fear to really democratize the internet and empower the users has result into this lame architecture where almost everything in this world converge into two dozen datacenters. The data has been made the property of a bunch of happy fews and made them immensely riches. The Internet has not played its role as it should have.

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