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Comment Re:Everyone has to learn about it. (Score 1) 191

Fresh crop of computer science graduates should be those from which this should never happen. They are newly trained, supposed to be security awared. Particularily if they have to deal with web sites programming. This is the lamest excuse. I can rather than that old programmers getting a new assignement with web programming will not know how to circumvent such a problem even if they have heard about it in the news. Employers are often trying to save a few bucks on training of old farts.

However, I believe the real problem lies with the level of training, academic or not, the programmers have. Someone without any proper background may get assigned to a web application design. I have even seen architects without proper skills. I have seen managers which want to save a few bucks and asked to skip the error handling design and so on. This industry is sometimes really insane and these incomptent managers/architects are still rewarded until the company get hit by an exploit due to their incompetency.

I can give names, but I won't.

Comment The real question is... (Score 2) 735

...can we continue emitting as we are for 50 years?

If we continue emitting as we are, we will double our cumulative emissions in about 50 years. If we continue to increase our emissions, it will be even sooner.

We all know the oil reserves will be severely depleted by 50 years from now if we just keep the current consumption rate. I doubt we can just keep the pace at which we are emitting greenhouse gases for 50 years. Before we reach the 50 years milestone, the oil price will skyrocket and consumption will collapse.

Comment Re:Wouldn't they be dead already? (Score 1) 112

You obviously don't have a clue about evolution and how it works. It works on large scale numbers and statistical scale. From a large population, you have probability to have mutants individual with adaptive capacity to a threat, they are likely to survive with a higher probability than the other indivudals and then transmit their own genes to the next generations, over a very long period of time, the unadapted individuals will becom extinct and the mutants will survive. Do we even send enough individuals in space and exposed to these bacteria with that concentration to eventually get an immune population from the sample? NO, and a big NO. They even don't breed within themselves. Your outcome has zero probability to happen.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 4, Insightful) 712

Police officiers often have to deal with people with mental illness condition. Expecting them to comply immediately to whatever they ask is most of the time a wet dream. Often, these people with mental illness are not actually dangerous if dealt the proper way. So, then I believe there should be at least, even if it doesn't cover all the cases, some kind of education offered to police officier or even better a requirement to complete successfull a course which can give them some skills to handle these cases.

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