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Comment: Works great on a TP-Link WDR3600 (Score 1) 71

by AbrasiveCat (#47462481) Attached to: OpenWRT 14.07 RC1 Supports Native IPv6, Procd Init System
I have had a TP-Link WDR3600 for about 7 months. About 4 months ago I decided I wanted to start doing ipv6 and the TP-Link software didn't work with Comcast for ipv6. I found a pre-release of Barrier Breaker loaded it up, rebooted and it all worked. I guess it is time to upgrade to the release candidate. There were some issues with the second radio and supporting 802.11an but a few minutes searching on line and I had fix for that too.

Comment: What else have they gotten wrong? (Score 2) 37

by AbrasiveCat (#47346221) Attached to: EDSAC Diagrams Rediscovered
So the they get a few prints of part of the circuits, 9 pages of 150, and they see they made mistakes replicating the original. I wonder how many other mistakes they have made, and what happens if they are finishing and some more drawings surface showing they got stuff wrong? Will they throw it out the wrong and make it as designed or just say "hey good enough, we got most of it right"?

Comment: New name, "Washington Nazis" (Score 1) 646

by AbrasiveCat (#47269653) Attached to: Washington Redskins Stripped of Trademarks
Ok, I am invoking "Godwin's Law", let's move on. I can't believe the Washington Redskins was meant as an insult. Who would do that to their team, but we have gotten deep in to political correct in this country. (Boy it is a good thing we don't have gender modifiers on most of our nouns. There would be a battle.)

Comment: School math teacher/school was at risk (Score 1) 798

The way I read the article was the bullying took place in front of a school math teacher. This likely was a form of harassment. Since the math teacher failed to act on this harassment, and the teacher was management's representative here, the school and therefore the school district (and city) was at risk of a harassment charge. They needed to eliminate the evidence. They had the police do this, who I presume were also city employees. I wonder if this rises to racketeering? Let's hope the state does a investigate of this. Looks like they might have avoided a lesser crime charge by making it a larger crime. (Not always a good idea!) (IANAL)

Comment: Re:There is evidence of a SN at that time (Score 1) 84

Having biked a scale model of our solar system (the Sun 4 1/2' dia, Pluto 3.7 miles away) I can't wrap my head around the energies involved to make a noticeable change in C14 here on earth hundreds ( Cassiopeia A 11,0000?) of light year away. My small mind boggles.

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