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Comment: Re:ARGH, Epic. Fail. - 5 steps to download an app (Score 1) 64

by AboveTheFray (#28114359) Attached to: Nokia Ovi Store Launches

5 simple sets from opening store to installed an app from my N95.

1) Launch Ovi Store
2) find an app
3) click on it
4) click on download (if you have already entered your username, then you don't need to do so again)
5) installation happens without a prompt.

What of these 5 steps does Apple not do?


Nokia Gives Carriers a Cut of App Store Sales 13

Posted by timothy
from the get-the-new-bill-calculator-app dept.
Robbie B writes "Nokia mobile users will be able to pay for apps from the Ovi App Store on their mobile phone bill. Nokia is working on billing relationships with mobile operators around the globe, according to the story. Nokia developers will subsequently have to share their spoils with mobile operators should consumers choose mobile phone billing over the credit card option. That aside, the terms and conditions of the app store look to be quite fair — more in the style of Apple and Android (no fees for each app or update uploaded) than the terms of Windows Mobile Marketplace or Blackberry App World."

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