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Comment: I think there is... (Score 1) 2

by Abdul Jakul (#33834028) Attached to: File concurrency solution for non-programmers?
I think there is a software for that. But it may not be out there iin public. Maybe developers are just keeping them private. Nevertheless, there's a high probability that the software you will need already exists. what is more important is your ETA. So you may find other means. Laptop Troubleshoot Tips

Comment: More Games (Score 1) 223

by Abdul Jakul (#33756308) Attached to: Microsoft Rumored To Buy Second Life
I was wondering why microsoft has stopped developing their own games and instead went into franchising game sales. I think it would be better that they start with creating their operating systems bug free. I got my laptop that came with their OS and you get only the repair/restore disk. eventually I screwed my whole system up after several restores and I have to use Linux on it. What a waste! Then I have to find another site to help me with laptop hard drive replacement. What a pain and what a waste!!

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