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Comment: AMD has HBM coming (Score 1) 114

by AbRASiON (#48881645) Attached to: NVIDIA Launches New Midrange Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 960 Graphics Card

There's finally a reasonable bump coming this year from cards with a new architecture and using a totally different ram system. Up to 9x higher bandwidth.

I doubt they won't bleed us with slow bumps and increments initially but none the less I suspect the first 'significant bump' in years might occur when these cards come out in the next couple of months. Look to see the 9xx series drop in price if you prefer nvidia - but unless you need an upgrade right now urgently, apply some patience and wait to see what this HBM setup can do.

Comment: Re:Google Censorship (Score 1) 155

This person is incorrect and should be moderated down.

Anyone on slashdot will know googles algorithm pretty well, it's very powerful and works exactly how most people would want a search to work, the use of quotation marks the use of the site:.com etc - it's robust and logical.

When I search for a porn star INFAMOUS for a scene of having her ass gaped wide open by 3 black men and there's a famous shot of this, when I google her name the VERY FIRST RESULT in images, should be that image - and it used to be!
It might not be nice but that's the facts, that's how it worked and it was bloody useful if you're on an adult material hunt.

Now you would need to put that persons name in, EVEN with safe search off, you will NOT see said image, you'll get a couple of dodgy ones, nothing distinct. You need to specifically type "actress name, ass stretch" or something like that.
Is this a nice topic? No
Are google censoring their old classic algorithm for something more draconian? Yes
Does disabling safe search fix it?
No, definitely not.

There's a 500 page google groups discussion on this very topic, I'm subscribed to it and it is still getting replies 2.5 years on since they made the change.

Finally the person who pointed out this is actually filtering out art, is not only spot on but it's an interesting negative side effect which is not directly related to me finding nasty images.

Comment: Note it's the notebook / laptop edition (Score 1) 78

The proper desktop one is delayed still. They have virtually no competition or incentive to release it and with people buying phones, tablets, slates, laptops far more than desktops now, the hardcore desktop community (what's left of it) is going to just have to sit and wait unfortunately.

Also it'll be, as per usual for Intel the past 4 years, about 5% faster than the old one :/ (at the same price though)

Comment: Twitter DO auto follow people for you (Score 1) 121

At least the phone version, no question of it - it's done it to me within days of having the Android app installed, not an ad, DEFINITELY an actual follow of someone.

This has occurred to me at least 5 times now, I've stopped using the Android app, I'm sick of it.

Comment: Re:Oh noes! (Score 4, Insightful) 335

by AbRASiON (#48703053) Attached to: Out With the Red-Light Cameras, In With the Speeding Cameras

In Australia we have a 3km/hr threshold on speeding fines.
In a 100km/hr area, doing 104km will net you a 160$ fine.

Conversion for the Americans, doing 64.62m/hr in a 62m/hr zone will cost you 132$ US
That's only 4% faster than the posted limit.

We also have a demerit point system, you can lose 1/3/6 or all 12 points depending how much more than the limit you were doing.
On public holidays, Christmas and certain 'seasons' of the year where they want to make for 'nice holidays' - the demerit points and the fines are doubled.
Penalties listed here
http://www.arrivealive.vic.gov... [vic.gov.au]

I don't have a major issue with speeding fines in general, I have a major issue with 'permanent' speeding cameras which send you a letter for speeding, a week after you were speeding. If it's such a genuine offense, dangerous to others and yourself -then surely an officer should pull you over and explain the situation, perhaps your speedo is out? Perhaps you're in a bad mood and a warning (and fine?) will bring you back to reality.
A letter in the mail does no such thing, it's a pure tax days after the offense occurred.

In fact, our threshold of getting a fine was around 10km/hr around 8 to 10 years ago but when people got so sick of paying fines thanks to permanent cameras, they stopped speeding so much. So they reduced the threshold to this low 3km/hr due to the government 'losing revenue'

An interesting story is a tunnel which was built around a decade ago which went underneath a river, the tunnel has multiple speed cameras in it which no one knew about, this new tunnel was extremely convenient and was heavily used in it's opening month. Thousands upon thousands of people used it daily not knowing about the cameras inside the tunnel.
The speeding fine system was so overloaded from all the tickets to be sent to people that the delay was up to 30 days before receiving the fine (and demerit points) in the mail.
There are many stories of people opening their mail a month after the tunnel opened to get a letter with a fine.
Then the next day, the opened their mail to get a letter with a fine.
Then the next day (you see where this is going) people lost their licenses and had thousands of dollars in fines, clearly their incredibly dangerous behaviour which should be stopped immediately was ok to be allowed to continue for a month...

We also have a default speed limit for suburban areas, which was 60km/hr if no speed was posted, this too was dropped to 50km/hr in the state, making drivers trip duration longer, yet the vast majority of fatalities are not at this speed. I personally recall when this was introduced, (near the same time as the 3km/hr threshold) that I found myself looking at my speedometer almost religiously, so worried about getting a fine it was becoming a distraction to driving.

I've also been told of a perm speed camera installation in New South Wales (NSW) in an area where NO ACCIDENTS HAVE OCCURRED - a camera was put at the bottom of a large 'dip' on a large highway (no oncoming traffic) Many trucks and vehicles opted to 'speed up' for inertia to get up the other side of this large hilly area, it's significantly easier on the motor, fuel economy etc. Yet a camera was installed here to catch people speeding up.

Finally you can also see statistics on how significantly better the road toll is here.
http://www.infrastructure.gov.... [infrastructure.gov.au]
We've got more people on the road than ever, yet an incredibly low road toll, none the less for the sake of "safety" fines consistently are going up.

Consider yourselves lucky over there just how few speeding fines are actually issued and also how relatively easy it is to get out of them, over here it's near on impossible to get out of one.

  copy and paste from a 2011 post of mine,..... but speed cameras are fucking theft, PULL THEM OVER AND TELL THEM if they are such a danger to others, otherwise it IS revenue raising as they clearly don't care about safety of the moment.

Comment: I used to be a 7200rpm and HDD aficionado. (Score 1) 190

I purchased the first 7200rpm disk available to consumers nearly 20 years ago now. The WD Expert, 18gb if I recall.
I've always hated the performance of disks, big enthusiast primarily because I knew it
was the biggest bottleneck by far.

Fast forward to today and I am utterly bamboozled why people continue to purchase the bastard things. I detest them. They run hotter, cost more, are slightly more likely to fail, are noisier and the performance difference is utterly negligible.
You need only look at any older SSD review, where they include 3x5400rpm disks, 4x7200rpm disks and 5 SSD's - the graph is difficult to read because even the fastest hard disk is vastly slower than the slowest SSD.

We're entering the age now where even mid-to-basic level nerds have a NAS in the home. I'd wager a reasonable portion of people have SSD's in their main machines / laptops and some 'big dumb storage' in the rest of the house, be it USB storage or a NAS.
YET HOWEVER,.... when I went to buy new disks last year, in a new size range (5TB) do you think I could find the 5400's? Nope, the fucking 7200's were the first available. Infact this trend has gone on for a few years now. You used to get 5400's in the new size first, then when the tech slightly improved, they'd do the 7200rpm model. This no longer seems the case.
I actively DON'T want 7200rpm disks in my bloody NAS (which is now locked inside my kitchen cupboard, with a fan on it and ventilation door open to keep the damn noise low) My disks managed to hit 57c (134f) because I couldn't find god damn 5400rpm disks, hence the new fan install :/

7200's are pointless, it's like buying premium grease for the axle of your horse and cart.
If you want performance, SSD, if you want space? Big, dumb, slow, cool, quiet 5400rpm disk. If you want to piss away money, 7200rpm disk. Bastard things.
Really wish I didn't completely need to buy disks when I did, only 12 weeks after I got mine, the WD red and greens were out to buy :/
In conclusion, avoid Toshiba 7200rpm disks, they are not only hot, the bloody spindle motors are noisy to boot.

Comment: Re:Tried red, black, brown still not happy. (Score 2) 190

by AbRASiON (#48683917) Attached to: Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared

Look I would've thought so regarding the hours - but it's been 3 years of mechanicals now, you'd figure 6 months would be sufficient.

They are simply less forgiving with my ... well "drunken master" (?) style of typing. I can type without looking at the keyboard but I certainly don't use the correct fingers, I use only index, middle and ring mostly, yet can still drop 80 to 100 WPM (accurate) on a rubber dome.

The thing is a light, accidental tap of the wrong key on a mechanical seems to set it off, whereas on the rubber dome, you need a deeper throw for contact. Were I to be extremely accurate and on a light keyboard with elegant fingers, I suspect a red would be a delight to type on - as it stands though, I recall really fucking up accuracy on a red, hence going to brown and then finally black and still not entirely satisfied.

I'm not going to get rid of them any time soon, but I'd certainly consider going back to a rubber dome.
I really liked the shit out of the Samsung Pleomax PKB 8000 (IIRC) it's got a laptop style, scissor switch, short throw keys - fucking delight to type on - but the corners of each key was 'sharp' so in my typing style, every..... week a finger would literally catch under a key and throw the bastard off the keyboard. If it weren't for that, I'd totally have got 5 of them as spares. As it stands, I can't use that either.

Comment: Tried red, black, brown still not happy. (Score 3, Interesting) 190

by AbRASiON (#48683677) Attached to: Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared

The "feel" of the keys is precise, the noise is great in a .. distinct way - they feel professional for lack of a better word.

None the less, I can STILL wack out about 5 to 10% more WPM on a standard US layout HP or Dell 101 traditional rubber dome. There's something about the amount of springyness in the keys and my typing style which makes me make a tiny amount more mistakes on a mechanical and I just can't quite thrash the keyboard as well. I think the throw depth is different.

Only one I haven't tried is blue :/ can't be bothered.
Also! My particular type style and depth throw when I hit keys, I manage to cause the keys to go haywire within 6 to 12 months. The black I'm typing on right now will double press certain keys fairly regularly (at least 3 to 5 times a day, it will result in something looking liike thiis more often than n ot)

Honestly, I don't hate my mechanicals but I'm just not convinced 3 years on after owning 5 of the things, that they are for everyone.

Comment: The BROWN ones removed? (Score 1) 85

by AbRASiON (#48677881) Attached to: High Speed DIY M&M Sorting Machine Uses iPhone Brain

Ok firstly, I'm not cool with this blatant racism but far more important than racism is not targeting the fucking BLUE ones which are an abomination.

I once purchased a pack and every single one was blue, I was horrified, I washed the bastards in vinegar, then water, then let them dry on a towel*. Disgusting blue ones, ugh.
*(I'm not joking)

Comment: Fuck what Harrison Ford says (Score 2) 299

by AbRASiON (#48592511) Attached to: Blade Runner 2 Script Done, Harrison Ford Says "the Best Ever"

I loved the shit out of that man as a kid, teenager and early adult.
Then I listened to several of his interviews, his passion for film is virtually "show me the money" when it came to Indy 4, I recall him pimping it, I also recall him saying "ahh they'll fix shit in editing / post" kind of stuff. He hates the Han Shot first stuff and he frankly, comes off as a phony to me.

Loved him in SW and the (only) 3 Indy movies made but the man isn't exactly into the universes of the films he creates.
Don't believe me? Go seek out some of the interviews in the last 15 years.

Comment: Re:Shingled encoding performance penalties (Score 1) 219

by AbRASiON (#48592475) Attached to: Seagate Bulks Up With New 8 Terabyte 'Archive' Hard Drive

I would suspect most disks used in this size range would be without much I/O, infact I'd go as far as to say (for me personally) fuck regular disks for high I/O. I'm still flabberghasted they sell 7200rpm HDD's for the desktop

If you want performance, just buy an SSD or SSHD.

I'd be happy with about 6 of these in my FreeNAS machine, I'm sure 6 combined would still turn over a decent data rate.

Comment: Re:Sad? Saddest? (Score 3, Insightful) 528

by AbRASiON (#48529011) Attached to: The Sony Pictures Hack Was Even Worse Than Everyone Thought

Really, a rootkit done once, a decade ago by some idiot in Sony music? Massive losses, more jobs lost, more people out of work, this economy even worse.

Hopefully they fix their security, behave better as a company and no one loses jobs, Hopefully idiot posts like yours don't come to fruition either.

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