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Comment: Very small hands :( (Score 1) 60

by AbRASiON (#48218001) Attached to: Preferred smartphone screen size?

4.8" is right on the edge of usability for me. I can literally notice the difference from a 4.8" Galaxy S3 to the 4.9" Galaxy S4.

I can not and will not go larger, I like being able to "1 hand" my phone.
It's a shame because most flagship phones are going far larger than 5" now :/ it just doesn't suit my needs

Give me a beast phone, awesome specs, high res, high quality OLED screen, 4.8" and I'll be happy. In the meantime, sticking with my S3

Comment: Re:Why do I still read these comments (Score 1) 163

by AbRASiON (#48209175) Attached to: Google Announces Inbox, a New Take On Email Organization

Have you SEEN the fucking changes google have made? Holy your damned horses sonny.
Google Maps is now a complete and utter abortion, it's slower and lacking some seriously fantastic features of the old one.

The google introduction of the "priority inbox" auto filtering my email was great. THEN the dipshits decided to split my email into 4 tabs? Why? Who the hell wants that. I now have to run in 'legacy' mode to disable the 4 tabbed inboxes. I had no issues with the priority inbox which was,.. change!
We're only resistant to unnecessary change, for the sake of change. Which google feels compelled to do.

They need to do this because they can't just fire their UI people and the UI people need to "look busy" and "innovate". Fact is email is virtually an "appliance" now and it shouldn't be damn well fiddled with.

Comment: Always divide by 2, if not significantly more. (Score 4, Insightful) 92

by AbRASiON (#48128765) Attached to: Samsung's Wi-Fi Upgrades Promise Speeds Up to 4.6Gbps

Wifi specs are just bullshit, always have been.
54mbit wifi
theoretical maximum 6.75MB/s
theoretical maximum, allowing for the standard /10 instead of /8 overhead rule: 5.4MB/s
actual maximum attained speeds, over years and years of multiple networks/ cards / laptops / routers /location. 2.9 / 3.0MB/s

It's only gotten worse for me, the higher the spec goes.
If they claim 4.6Gbps I'd probably believe it might do 20 -> 40MB/s, actual, genuine, sustained transfers. Maybe.

Comment: NO! NO! NO!? WHAT? 32bit AGAIN? (Score 1) 554

I've ranted about this since Windows Vista bloody shipped! You can't be serious. They NEED to drop 32bit support. It's time to go. It's 2014! Even the most basic CPU has been 64bit for well over 7 years - the only exception is some shitty intel atom chips (that Intel damn well should never have released)

It's time to embrace 64bit entirely, move to the future and let 32bit die out, the extra work for developers, support people, driver writers and what have you? No, just no Microsoft, come on.
Astounded how dopey this move is.

Comment: Re:Android version req - long time coming (Score 0) 427

Problem is I can't remove their idiot stuff, take a look at your list below, I've highlighted what I don't want and will never EVER use.
(and even if I did, I should be able to optionally install it!)

Text-To-Speech Engine

Voice Search
Google Now
Google Cloud Print

These apps are already part of nearly every Android install as it is. Some of the rest of the 20 can be due to Google's (IMO silly) decision to split Play store content by type:

Play Newsstand
Play Books
Play Movies
Play Games
Play Music
(All of these!)

When you force stop, delete cache, delete data and disable these apps, at least on all the Samsung phones I've owned. Guess what? a month or two later, google releases an update and it forces itself back on the phone and re-enables the app.

I know I'm in the minority here but I want a fast phone but not the stock google / cyanogenmod skin I *like* the look of the Samsung dialler, contacts, etc - there's several font, colour, shading, dividing lines, spacing changes which are vastly superior to the poorly designed google offerings.
I can disable samsung camera eye tracker, samsung voice and all their dopey stuff and still keep the nice skin - but the stupid google apps re-enable themselves, chewing up my precious rmemory and making my phone sluggish garbage.

Googles "don't be evil" policy died several years ago and it's progressively getting worse.
Infact I've got to be honest, at this point, I haven't seen them do ANYTHING cool or amazing or "oh man, those amazing guys, god they are so great!" in several years, just worse and worse shit.
I genuinely believe they are worse than Microsoft ever was at this point.

Comment: Pretty bad example of a radical change. (Score 4, Funny) 191

by AbRASiON (#48011737) Attached to: The Odd Effects of Being Struck By Lightning

Michael Utley was a successful stockbroker who often went skiing and windsurfing before he was struck by lightning. Today, at 62, he lives on disability insurance. "I don't work. I can't work. My memory's fried, and I don't have energy like I used to. I aged 30 years in a second." Lightning also dramatically altered Utley's personality. "It made me a mean, ornery son of a b****."

Had it been an example where he became a greenpeace or PETA speaker or something, it might be more shocking but this doesn't come across as entirely surprising.

Comment: The campfire is the "TV" of camping (Score 2) 89

by AbRASiON (#47970483) Attached to: Ancient Campfires Led To the Rise of Storytelling

No question of it, I've been on multiple big camping trips, mobile phones banned, things like that - and we just had a big big fire in the middle, sat around talking, relaxing and staring at the warm glow of logs slowly crumbling. It's incredibly mesmerising when there's nothing else to look at. Very relaxing.

Drugs or alcohol may or may not assist but are not required!

Comment: I'm sick of this bad English (Score 1) 494

by AbRASiON (#47927509) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry

Sorry but fuckit.

What's with "shake up industry" ? What does that even mean. Christ did no one go to school.
What industry? Which industries? Not just "shake up industry" that makes no actual sense.

While I'm at it and going to be mod'd down anyhow, "best for baby" in infant commercials, what the shit? No, it's best for "the baby" or "your baby" but "best for baby"? Nope, no and no sirree.
I only retained about 50% of what I was taught in English and it's driving me insane what I see and hear nowadays, I can't begin to imagine what my English teachers and parents would think of the state of things now.

But I'm sure y'all could care less, right?
(I know I could)

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