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Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1163

The city I live in has a very low gun crime rate (and overall a low crime rate) as well and I suspect that the level of gun ownership is fairly low. From the crime reports I read, most of the crime is caused by people from other cities, especially Oakland. We also have a good police force, who unlike many other forces isn't afraid to leave their jurisdiction to arrest people in other cities like Oakland who commit crimes here.

Comment Re:That's nice. (Score 1) 323

I just drove my Tesla model S over 500 miles yesterday from central Oregon to the Bay Area, stopping at a few superchargers along the way so that isn't a big problem. It added about 3 hours to a 9 hour trip. Note that my model S is an early one. The newer ones charge faster than mine does. While there are still a number of places that are difficult to go, the number of places I can go is rapidly increasing as Tesla continues to build out their supercharger network. They started by building out the most traveled routes and are now building out the less traveled routes.

Comment Re:I am happy with what they did. (Score 1) 392

Not all of us like breathing smog, especially in urban areas with high population density. It may not matter much out in the middle of nowhere, but when there are a lot of cars on the road it makes a big difference. Nobody wants to go back to what LA used to be like, for example. I know the air where I live is MUCH cleaner than it was when I was young. When I was young you frequently couldn't see the hills that were 1/2 a mile away due to the smog and you did not go outside. At the time it was due to Pacific State Steel who never bothered to remove the plastic and other bits from cars they melted down and there was no EPA or they didn't care. They left the site a federal superfund site that the taxpayers ended up having to clean up, spending many millions of dollars to clean up after their slag and contaminated soil. The cars stank badly with smoke and unburned hydrocarbons (including benzene) since there were no catalytic converters and many burned leaded gasoline.

Though the air where I live is much cleaner, there is a huge problem with the California central valley where much of the smog tends to accumulate from the cities.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 392

It's actually pretty easy. The state DMV has this thing called a database. It contains all of all of the cars registered in the state including VIN, year, make and model and who they are registered to (with address). In my state they also know which of those cars failed the smog check or hasn't had a smog check. All they have to do is mark all of the affected models as failing smog. If a car doesn't pass smog, the registration can't be renewed. That will force them to be taken in to be repaired. They could go an extra step and require that dealerships also certify that the repairs have been made. It's not rocket science.

Comment Re:boost to electric vehicles? (Score 1) 392

I just drove 575 miles today in my Tesla model S. Most of my stops were 25-30 minutes, though I also was exceeding the speed limit a bit and it involved a lot of mountain passes between Monroe, OR and the south Bay Area. In fact, I ended up having to stop more often than my car did for bathroom breaks. At a number os stops I charged longer than I needed to while I finished eating or doing other things, though spending more time at one spot just means less time at another one.

I left at around 11:00am this morning and arrived at 11:15pm this evening. Normal straight-through driving with no breaks is 9 hours, 10 minutes according to Google maps. Most of the way I was driving 70-75MPH though the speed limit was 65-70.

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 392

I don't know. I just finished driving back from Seattle to the Bay Area in my Tesla and for a while I was stuck behind a relatively new TDI that would emit nice big puffs of particulates every few seconds. I was glad when I could finally pass it. So much for being clean.

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