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Docker Images To Be Based On Alpine Linux ( 61

New submitter Tenebrousedge writes: Docker container sizes continue a race to the bottom with a couple of environments weighing in at less than 10MB. Following on the heels of this week's story regarding small images based on Alpine Linux, it appears that the official Docker images will be moving from Debian/Ubuntu to Alpine Linux in the near future. How low will they go?

The Performance of Ubuntu Linux Over the Past 10 Years ( 100

An anonymous reader writes: Tests were carried out at Phoronix of all Ubuntu Long-Term Support releases from the 6.06 "Dapper Drake" release to 16.04 "Xenial Xerus," looking at the long-term performance of (Ubuntu) Linux using a dual-socket AMD Opteron server. Their benchmarks of Ubuntu's LTS releases over 10 years found that the Radeon graphics performance improved substantially, the disk performance was similar while taking into account the switch from EXT3 to EXT4, and that the CPU performance had overall improved for many workloads thanks to the continued evolution of the GCC compiler.

Comment Re:Whatever happened to the do not call list? (Score 2) 231

Maybe you should move to Australia; it works here.
We also have free health care, 'the metric system', less corrupt politicians, sane gun laws, chill work culture, and hot women! ... Ohh And for you camel pilot, we have lots of them in our outback, so many in fact we shoot them on mass from helicopters, so come to Oz and be out Camel Pilot!

Comment Re:Uh? (Score 1) 281

It's strictly about the number of transistors on a chip.


Just because clock speeds won't go up much more with silicon technology, it doesn't mean that going from a 2D plane to 3D assemblies (with the associated heat problems, but this "low power" stuff helps with that) won't happen.

It will happen. It's "merely" an engineering and geometry problem rather than a physics problem requiring new science.


Comment Re:I feel so conflicted... (Score 2) 130

First, lets take your claim that it "comes out equal" when "adjusting for income". Some home schoolers I know are well off (middle class), but most are -- at best -- in the lower portion of the middle class if not lower class.

Nothing to do with what he claimed.

It seems homeschoolers either don't learn reading comprehension or don't learn statistics.

As families, the ones I am familiar with, put a greater emphasis on the family rather than status or money

They're not so hot on punctuation either.

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