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Comment: More power to the USB ports? (Score 1) 202

by Aardpig (#47448565) Attached to: New Raspberry Pi Model B+

The addition of 2 extra USB ports is useless, unless they have changed the polyfuse set up to allow more power to be delivered to the ports. As things currently stand with the original model B, attaching anything more than a low-power keyboard to the Pi requires a powered hub -- the Pi itself can't deliver the required juice. It would be great if this restriction were lifted.

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The New Yorker Launches 'Strongbox' For Secure Anonymous Leaks 94

Posted by Soulskill
from the sing-like-a-really-safe-canary dept.
Today The New Yorker unveiled a project called Strongbox, which aims to let sources share tips and leaks with the news organization in a secure manner. It makes use of the TOR network and encrypts file uploads with PGP. Once the files are uploaded, they're transferred via thumb-drive to a laptop that isn't connected to the internet, which is erased every time it is powered on and booted with a live CD. The publication won't record any details about your visit, so even a government request to look at their records will fail to find any useful information. "There’s a growing technology gap: phone records, e-mail, computer forensics, and outright hacking are valuable weapons for anyone looking to identify a journalist’s source. With some exceptions, the press has done little to keep pace: our information-security efforts tend to gravitate toward the parts of our infrastructure that accept credit cards." Strongbox is actually just The New Yorker's version of a secure information-sharing platform called DeadDrop, built by Aaron Swartz shortly before his death. DeadDrop is free software.

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