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Comment: Re:Living Wage is mandated for, and desired by idi (Score 1) 82 82

I think your location's inability to get a taxi service running speaks more about where you are from than the awesomeness that is Uber. Where I live taxis are clean, cheap, the drivers know where you want to go, and have great training. Uber was hounded out of town because they were screwing up the current, working system, to the detriment of customers and drivers alike.

Comment: Re: It's like Venezuela but without all the gun c (Score 1) 407 407

Iâ(TM)m not blaming âoebankersâ exactly, Iâ(TM)m blaming people who loan money to people who are may or may not pay it back and when they dont get paid back they go running to their central banks or governments and demand they get made whole at the expense of everyone else. Same thing happened in the U.S. in 2009 with the TARP and assorted other bail outs.

Yea the rating agencies really sucked especially leading up to the crash in 2008, but it doesnâ(TM)t relieve lenders of ultimate responsibility for their actions. If the credit ratings are wrong its the responsibility of the lender to figure this out, no one else.

Lenders collect interest on their loans partially to cover the potential risk they wont get paid back, the higher that risk the higher the interest they collect. If they collect high interest rates on risky mortgages and then when someone defaults on them central banks and governments make them whole it creates massive moral hazard.

If the Greeks were a bad risk prior to 2008, which they probably were, the interest rates they had to pay should have been higher and they would have been dissuaded from borrowing or lenders would have been dissuaded from lending to them. Instead the EU created a perverse system where risky borrowers (all of the PIIGS) got relatively cheap money and a lot of it and were incentivized to take as much of it as they could. The EU and the lenders are 100% to blame for this situation for throwing the money at them.

The PIIGS shouldâ(TM)ve never entered an economic union with Germany in the first place, they had no chance of competing with Germany locked in to the same currency. It was a win win for Germany on all fronts.

Comment: Re: It's like Venezuela but without all the gun cr (Score 5, Insightful) 407 407

You donâ(TM)t actually know what you are talking about do you.

Most of the loans in question here were in fact loaned by German and French bankers to the Greeks prior to the 2008, Deutsche bank was one of the biggest. They could get somewhat higher returns loaning to Greece and they had some security because Greece was in the Eurozone. That security unravelled with the 2008 crash.

The ECB, EU, IMF gave massive loans to Greece in 2010, and most of it immediately went to extricate the German and French banks from their bad greek loans. If the Greeks has defaulted on the original loans then there would have been a massive banking crisis in Germany and France. The 2010 EU bailout was to save their banks more than it was to help the Greeks.

The Greeks just got more debt piled on top of too much debt and its totally destroyed their economy. Recently released IMF studies confirm the Greeks canâ(TM)t sustain their current debt load and it has to be restructed or they have to default. If they stay the current course with austerity and more and more bailout loans they are doomed.

If the Greeks had been smart they would have exited the EU and defaulted on the debt in 2009 and the people who made the bad loans, the German and French bankers, would have paid the price. Instead they got off scot free.

Iceland immediately defaulted in a similar situation, they had some short term pain but they rebounded, while the Greece has gotten nothing but worse and worse under the yoke of a corrupt European and global banking system.

For banking and loans to work there is a simple rule, if you are foolish enough to make a bad loan to someone who probably wonâ(TM)t pay it back, then you pay the price when they default. Instead the people who make the bad loans (i.e. bankers) get to keep their bonuses profits and everyone else gets to pay for their stupidity, greed and corruption.

Comment: Re:No hardware or software fault? (Score 3, Insightful) 79 79

I'm guessing it was an unanticipated race condition. Everything works correctly, everything passes all tests, but for some extremely rare constellation of input values software module "B" is able to complete its calculations and report its results before "A" can-- which has a probability of occurrence so low that it rounds to zero-- and that screws the pooch. If the probability of this happening again approaches zero, it would be fair for NASA to say there was no error in the programming, but instead an unexpected glitch in operations that is unlikely to ever recur.

You can never test for every possible corner condition. More than that, in probably every real world situation, the longer the time since the last hard reboot, the more likely it is that the software will encounter some corner conditions. That Pluto bird has been running for quite a while.

Comment: Re: Internet without evangelicals = Win (Score 1) 287 287

They're equally as egregious. If you have a license to do business with the public, you serve all the public. The only limits are those customers who are causing a disturbance to other customers. You can't single out swathes of the population because you don't understand the difference between making a cake for something and condoning that thing. "Participating in a gay wedding ceremony" by being miles away from it and unaware it is going on, save for a cake you cooked and were paid handsomely for? Give me a fucking break. Just because you can crowbar in some weasel words doesn't mean the two things are in any way different.

Comment: Re:Internet without evangelicals = Win (Score 3, Insightful) 287 287

Only because they refuse to do business with people based purely on bigotry. Kind of like how racists were hounded out of business when they too refused to do business with certain people. Ignoring that part kind of makes you sound like a vicious old fucker living in the past. That couldn't possibly be the case, right? :)

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