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Comment It's a fad, just ignore it (Score 1) 50

Nobody has demonstrated a single game or application for VR which could be described as a killer. Something that has mainstream appeal and is sufficiently compelling for large quantities of people to spend cash to play it. And not just at launch either when the hype overrules reason, but sustainable sales over time to drive the tech forward.

I'm sure VR could utterly awesome for flight sims, or Arma IV or whatever when it appears but they're not mainstream games. Where is the mainstream game (or app) that people will pay to play?

Comment Re:Might be illegal (Score 3, Informative) 339

A person in the UK recently won a court case for something similar. He preordered a Porsche car, paid a deposit and then the dealer bumped him from the queue and sold the car to someone else. He sued for breach of contract, the judge agreed and awarded him the difference between what the car cost at the time and what it would be worth now.

I guess if someone could argue that the deposit was a contract (and better yet that losing the preorder meant a financial loss) then they could probably sue successfully.

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 1) 180

The issue is that manufacturers insist on skinning the phone and filling it with their own apps. Then the network provider insists on skinning the phone and filling it with more apps.

So every time a bug fix rolls along, or Android bumps up a version, there are two additional codebases to merge, test, certify and deploy. The more the handset is customised the more painful the process will be. For every single combination of handset and network.

Best thing to do is buy a SIM free handset. That's all the network crap gone. And favour a handset which runs vanilla android, or at least has good support, and preferably aftermarket support such as cyanogenmod. Then you'll get updates for as long as the hardware is able to run the latest versions of android.

Personally I wouldn't go near anything which didn't meet this criteria.

Comment Re:Nature Abhors a Vacuum (Score 1) 139

Smoothness is not an issue since the pod won't be touching the walls on purpose. The pod would ride on a maglev track and wouldn't touch the walls. Providing the pipe has a non permeable membrane that maintains the pressure then it doesn't matter what the pipe is comprised of.

What matters is the production speed, cost, and issues such as maintenance and servicing. Concrete can certainly crack but metal expansion (and fatigue) is a thing too. If you have long lengths of steel then warping is a serious issue. A railway line incorporates expansion gaps to prevent this issue. What does a welded steel tube do to mitigate the issue?

Comment Re:Nature Abhors a Vacuum (Score 1) 139

I don't see that such a system would even have to be made of steel. Concrete pipes are used to carry water at high pressure. Why not use them at low pressure? Composite pipes could be used too where there are more than one material at work, e.g. concrete, a plastic membrane and an inner steel guide rail.

I guess the complexity is not in the standard pipe sections but how to implement junctions, parallel sections, pressure locks and all the rest that would have to be part of any practical system.

Comment Re:Twitter shouldn't be shutting anyone down.. (Score 1) 831

The idea that you can say whatever you want, and that no one can stop you; is not the idea behind free speech.

Actually, no, that's pretty much it.

The "no one can stop you part" is particularly relevant to government only because they're the only ones who can shut you up with violence and it sometimes be acceptable.

And before you go all libertarian about it being Twitter's platform, remember whatever argument you make applies to network neutrality as a whole.

Free speech is the same as freedom of conscience. The ideas in your head are yours, no one can force you to have different ideas, and you can share your ideas with whomever you please. That is what free speech means.

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