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Comment Re:Easy (Score 5, Insightful) 222

Given that PETA’s former director of research Mary Beth Sweetland is an insulin dependant diabetic, I’ll go with a “nope” on that one.

That said, she constructed a convenient out for PETA members whose lives rely on animal-tested or derived treatments. Because she’s working for animals, it’s for the greater good. So as long as you’re a PETA member, you can benefit from animal testing and stay alive with modern medicine so you can keep fighting to make sure no one else can. Everyone else has to die though. Wouldn’t be ethical for them to receive treatments that they’re not fighting to prevent anyone else from getting.

Comment Re: Follow the money (Score 2) 211

I've had 100% successful delivery from the projects I've backed. Caveat emptor.

You need to do some background research. Treat it more like a speculative investment, not buying widgets from Amazon.

If there's a huge rift between their best prototype demonstration and reality, probably best not to back. If it looks half their funding goal is to cover the special effects budget in the "demo" video, pass that one by...

Comment Re:Odd choice (Score 1) 337

As an unhappy Surface user, I applaud Apple's ability to recognize that a tablet and a "computer" (be it laptop or desktop) are fundamentally different usage scenarios that the same hardware and/or OS are unlikely to satisfy without compromising and making both experiences less optimal.

For the record, you can in fact hook a USB keyboard up to iPad (and even iPhone). Bluetooth also works if you prefer wireless. The devices don't have standard USB ports, but an $8 adapter ( works nicely if you prefer wires. On occasions that I plan to do major writing while traveling, I'll bring a BT keyboard along. I always have the adapter with me in case something sneaks up. I can just "borrow" a standard USB keyboard from somewhere and type up War & Peace on the go...

iOS can also do some (very) limited things in terms of USB storage with one of those adapters, but it's pretty much limited to dumping photos to/from a memory card. General purpose USB storage capabilities might be nice sometimes, but they've never been the thing that made me pick up my Surface instead of my iPad.

About the only win on the Surface is the proper stylus which makes handwritten note taking much better. Haven't had a chance to try out Apple's new stylus thing on the iPad Pro yet. Very much hoping they bring it to the next iPad-normal revision as the extra size of the Pro is almost as much of a DO NOT WANT for me as the oversized iPhone 6 line.

Comment Re:Countdown to Lawsuit in 3...2...1... (Score 1) 412

It’ll be an interesting lawsuit to be sure.

“Singles only” or “no kids” is currently okay only in “senior living facilities” in most states. You can say grandma & grandpa can’t bring their (grand)kids to live in the old folks’ home with them. You *can’t* (legally) say that in any other housing situation in any state that I’m aware of. Nor can you say the opposite, (“families (implying with kids) only”). All falls under “discriminatory housing practices.” Baaad.

Sounds like one of those things that a group of people *should* be able to get together and decide for themselves is the way things are going to be. Problem is it was decided that it was one of those things that was prone to “abuse” and that consenting adults aren’t adult-y enough to choose of their own volition, so your friend the Government chooses for you.

I’d think laws keyed to age of those “protected” by them ought to fall to Equal Protection, but IANAL, so what do I know?

I live in New York, so I’ll be looking forward to the filing in Onondaga County Supreme Court. Should be an interesting fight.

Comment Re:Stupid summary (Score 1) 54

Any reasoanble implementation would overwrite the victim file’s blocks with the encrypted ones in-place. Most filesystems can’t do anything to undelete that. A copy-on-write system like ZFS would technically still have the blocks, but good luck reconstructing the metadata if you don’t have a snapshot pinned to them. SSD wear leveling might also preserve the original blocks, but again good luck getting to them in the right order.

Comment Re: Just like HDMI cables (Score 1) 206

You'd run the risk of overloading power supplies that way. Most phones can draw from 500mA to 2A+ these days. You wouldn't see problems until you tried to pull at maximum power, and at that point the first "problem" may well be magic blue smoke.

The sense resistors let the device know in advance what the maximum safe draw is before they damage the supply (which might be the motherboard of your computer, not just a $5 wall wart from the gas station).

Comment Re:Just like HDMI cables (Score 4, Informative) 206

Using sense resistors in cables or charger plugs is pretty much universal and works very well. That's how phones tell the difference with between a "standard" 500mA USB port and a 2A high power charger. If the phone tried to draw 2A off a 500mA supply, odds are all the magic blue smoke would get out... (See

There's nothing wrong with sense resistors when the cables are manufactured properly. The problem is if the manufacturer puts the wrong resistors in because they don't know any better or because they're cheap and they're trying to cheat with cheaper components. In the case of USB 2 stuff, pulling 2A from a 500mA brick probably wouldn't end too well. For USB-C, if you try to pull 3A+ over a wire that's only rated for 500mAh... Well... Most likely what you've got there is a 3 meter long fuse... If you're lucky, the power supply will fail safely before the heat from the additional current ignites anything.

Or more realistically, you may find the laptop gets flaky when it adjusts its power management to assume it can draw a particular amount of power from the cord only to fall short when power demands reach peak levels.

Comment Re:Male privilege (Score 2) 345

TFA dealt with the UK where circumcision is unusual. The CDC numbers are from the US where male infant circumcision is routine. There are other studies showing a pretty strong link between the pain & trauma of infant circumcision and a much higher rate of ASD. It's about 5x versus babies who remained intact.

CDC says males are about 5x more likely than females to land on the spectrum. You don't say...

Correlation != causation, but it should make you wonder a bit.

Comment Re:-ENOENT (Score 1) 206

Apple still being somewhat BSD-ish has that going for them. Too bad they wall the garden and fuck it up.

Serious, non-trolly question: Have you actually used OS X for more than few minutes and tried to do anything that ran into the garden’s walls? Yes, default config won’t run binaries from just anywhere. For the majority of users, this is a GoodThing(TM). Want to run something you got from this guy you know? Go in to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, General. Click the lock, enter your password, and choose “Allow apps downloaded from:” Anwhere. Done. The walls to the garden just came a’tumblin’ down. You may now aim squarely at your foot and pull the trigger at will. You’ll get one “Are you sure?” prompt for each new binary you run. Click Open, and you’ll never be nagged for that binary again.

Running unsigned kernel drivers or monkeying with OS-installed binaries takes a little more work in El Capitan. Run `csrutil disable` and reboot. The system is yours to alter and/or destroy without limitation once again.

I’m sure I fit the profile of fanboi just a little, but I genuinely think Apple has struck a good balance on their desktop OS. The vast majority of users will have no idea how to disable these protections and therefore shouldn’t disable them. If you can’t figure out how to run arbitrary binaries you downloaded from the Internet, then you lack the knowledge to make informed consent about whether you should do so. If you know what you’re doing, flip two switches, and the OS won’t stand in your way.

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