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Comment: What's the point? (Score 2, Interesting) 574

by ANCOVA (#26588079) Attached to: Senator Prods Microsoft On H-1B Visas After Layoff Plans
Let's be clear here. We are talking about H1B program, not outsourcing. Companies outsource entire department to save costs, because they can pay less to equivalent workers overseas. On the other hand, when sponsoring a H1B visa, the employer has to show that the guest worker gets the prevailing wage, on par with all the "similarly qualified" U.S. citizens in the same business. On top of that, the government increases the application fee every now and then to make it costlier to hire H1B workers. In general, it's actually more expensive and difficult to hire a truly qualified H1B employee. Nobody would hire a permanent employee holding H1B visa unless they can't find anyone else equally competent. If anything they've probably already prioritized the H1B holders in their layoff plan, because it makes business sense.

Comment: Re:Galindo? (Score 1) 931

by ANCOVA (#26587871) Attached to: A Teacher Asking Students To Destroy Notes?
So a student would fail the class if he/she didn't take complete notes? That's just nuts. I, for one, never took ANY serious notes of ANY class, during my entire school education including doctorate classes. It tends to take away my focus and hinders my active thinking. Not taking notes also means that I don't need to review them, and the saved time can be spent on studying the actual damn textbooks. I always find it ironic that those instructors who are meticulous about their class notes usually can't teach any new ideas beyond what is in the textbook.

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