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Submission + - Bullied student punished for recording incident

AK Marc writes: Whether it's the fact that it's a "disabled" student with ADHD, or the wiretapping was done with an iPad, stupid overreacting authorities, or bullies, this has Meme written all over it.

A 15 year old student was feeling bullied. He reported it, but nothing was done. He was being bullied in class time. So he recorded it on his school-provided iPad, provided because he has ADHD. When he took an incident to the school authorities, he was ordered to delete the file, the police were called, and he was arrested (and convicted) though one source indicates the charges were dropped and another indicates he was convicted, but overturned on appeal. . The charge was disorderly conduct, but he was also formally accused of (but not charged with) wiretapping violations.

Submission + - Loan Google Glass and Google will brick them remotely ( 1

AK Marc writes: Now, as those lucky enough to be given Explorer status will begin to receive their Explorer Glass devices, some may be surprised to find that, in a possibly un-Google-like manner, the company has written, Do not “resell, loan, or transfer” language in the user agreement.

So what will the penalty be if you fork over the $1,500 and then decide to pass your brand new device on to someone else? The company says they can remotely turn your device into a fancy-looking forehead ornament.

Submission + - Software developer Bob outsources own job and whiles away shifts on cat videos (

AK Marc writes: "All told, it looked like he earned several hundred thousand dollars a year, and only had to pay the Chinese consulting firm about fifty grand annually".
When a routine security check by a US-based company showed someone was repeatedly logging on to their computer system from China, it naturally sent alarm bells ringing. Hackers were suspected and telecoms experts were called in.
It was only after a thorough investigation that it was revealed that the culprit was not a hacker, but "Bob" (not his real name), an "inoffensive and quiet" family man and the company's top-performing programmer, who could be seen toiling at his desk day after day and staring diligently at his monitor.

Submission + - Slashdot Poll 1

AK Marc writes: Where do you live
1) USA
2) non-USA North America
3) South America
4) Europe
5) Africa
6) Asia
7) Australia/South Pacific
8) Other (Sealand, moon, Antarctica)

Submission + - Last Chance to Save Buckyballs/Zen Magnets (

AK Marc writes: Comments close today on the magnet ban. The CPSC doesn't have to follow submission preferences, but it helps them stand up to the "you killed my kid" mothers who fed their children magnets until dead to say "the democracy chose to allow you to protect your own child". And yes, my attention was drawn to this by Zen Magnets who sent me an email about this issue, indicating that the last day for comments is today (well, will be by the time most of you read this).

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