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Comment: Re:Difference between SF and fantasy, or lack ther (Score 1) 237

what difference do you see between "SF" and "fantasy"?

Fantasy is where the power is from some mystics who meditate on it and are part of some hokey religion. SF is where the power is Midichlorians or nanites or DNA. The settings and stories are the same.

Comment: Re:Hi speed chase, hum? (Score 1) 424

by AK Marc (#47444351) Attached to: The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One

Again, there are options other than executing and chasing,

And you've not named any. Aside from 100% CCTV coverage, there's no practical way to stop someone without chasing them.

and you're an asshole for repeatedly arguing a false dichotomy to create a strawman out of what I said. Repeating yourself like a broken fucking record. Go fuck yourself twice.

And you are repeating yourself, and never commenting on anything I say that proves you wrong. Care to try? No, you are a lying piece of shit asshole.

The cop sees a speeder or stolen car go past. He pulls out and puts on his lights to stop the car. The driver takes off at 12,322 mph in a 30 mph zone. The cop, unable to pursue, pulls over and radios it in. The car, traveling faster than a bullet, rams a mall, killing 10,000. In this scenario, you'd blame the police for "chasing". The cop didn't "chase", but "tried to stop". What could the police do to perform their "regular" duties without ever trying to pull over anyone for any reason? After all, any attempt to stop someone by coming up from behind (the most common method, by far), could be considered a "chase".

Comment: Re:Not France vs US (Score 3, Insightful) 237

Considering how bookshops have been obliterated by Amazon in the US

Borders and Barnes and Noble were obliterated by Amazon. But any book stores that survived Borders/B&N were not affected by Amazon at all. Amazon was late to the "cheap and easy" party, they just did it better than the big chains did, and hurt them most. Any small store that had a near by big store, was better off after Amazon, and the big store closed down again.

Comment: Re:Not France vs US (Score 4, Insightful) 237

Protectionism is protectionism, whether protecting "small" from "big" or "local" from "foreign" or "wasteful/bad" from "effective". I know a number of small shops. They haven't been killed by Amazon. The smaller book stores have gotten into service and knowledge. Selection and price is for Amazon. Casual discussion of authors while exploring, and running into other people in the shops is left for the locals.

But then, I haven't been book shopping in France.

Comment: Re:Hi speed chase, hum? (Score 1) 424

by AK Marc (#47440941) Attached to: The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One

You make it sound like once someone starts driving, there is no way to protect innocents. I don't know if you're incredibly unimaginative or a deliberate asshole. Many departments don't give chase for certain offenses. For instance, private property theft of already-insured property is not worth violence over.

So, jackass. Tell me what you want the police to do when they see a stolen car drive past? Check its insurance status, or try to pull the guy over?

Protecting private property shouldn't involve the deaths of anyone other than the criminal. Especially if it's already insured.

Again, your statements are in line with executing the criminal when they start endangering others, not "chasing" them.

Comment: Re:Hi speed chase, hum? (Score 1) 424

by AK Marc (#47440393) Attached to: The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One
If the police try to pull someone over, there's a non-zero chance they'll run, and keep running long after the police stop giving chase. So the *only* way to protect the innocents is to kill the driver if he fails to stop. So, do you want to protect the innocents? Then why do you allow the runners to run until they kill, even if they are not being chased?

Comment: Re:Hi speed chase, hum? (Score 1) 424

by AK Marc (#47440293) Attached to: The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One
So your argument is that police should shoot to kill if someone fails to yield. That's the best solution to these. The case here was someone who was not being pursued was still afraid of being caught, so they endangered others, until they crashed. "safer" is to shoot the car/driver until it stops. Is that really what you are advocating? Because it's either that, or abolishing all traffic stops.

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Actually, one of the essential features of our legal system is just that ability to flip-flop. I recall one murder case where the defense announced that it'd be using three arguments on behalf of the accused:
[didn't do it, self defense, insane]

I had heard that the insane defense is a plea. You must declare it before the trial started, and if you declare "not guilty" you may not change that to "not guilty, by reason of insanity". But maybe that's jurisdictional.

Either way, Aereo isn't changing a legal argument. It was found in court to be "rebroadcasting" like a cable company, so they are simply agreeing with the finding. They didn't change their definition, the broadcasters did by suing them.

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