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Comment Re:Cheap you say? (Score 1) 189

Cached means used, not used as a disk cache. Notice your numbers don't add up. Cached = "in use" + modified. Available = standby + free. Use Resource Monitor (that little button at the bottom of task manager) to get a more detailed usage.

Where you'll see more performance without using the memory is when free is small. Standby is the OS's guesses as to what will end up in Cached. When it guesses right, you get better performance. This is closer to a "cache" in the way I think you are thinking of it. So as "free" shrinks, the OS shrinks standby to ensure you don't run out. This leads to fewer standby hits, making for a worse performance.

That's why in Windows (up to 7, have't tested with 8 and 10) Windows will if you have a page file page used memory, making the system slow as dirt. Leave your computer on overnight, and nearly everything will be paged, to maximize "Free" and "Standby", optimizing the system for new applications opened, and greatly punishing a user who locks his computer overnight with Chrome open with 20 tabs.

That's why someone with 16G should disable a paging file in Windows, for better performance.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 890

The dog needs petting only after you kick it. I generally see emotional petting only come after an insulting and inappropriate comment. A woman who politely asserts her opinion, in exactly the same way as a guy, is likely to be met with a comment like "your time of the month?" And yes, after that, she leaves the group, and petting is required to get her to reconsider playing with such a collection of people.

All it takes is having the men not be deliberately rude, and the need for emotional petting disappears.

Comment Re:What applications? (Score 1) 176

The first hit for a Panasonic got a result for a $30k 30 inch monitor. That's got a few specialized uses, but I have QHD in a 5" screen for under $500 on my phone, to think that it's almost 100x as much to get the same DPI in a 4x larger screen seems insane. 4k laptop screens should be the norm, but I have trouble finding a laptop that matches my 5" phone, in any screen size.

Comment Re:What applications? (Score 1) 176

Old Windows was not as bad at setting text sizes better in the OS. But it was ugly, and the new ways got worse. Last time I tried, zooming in the OS and the application left the tool bars and menus tiny, and everything else huge. I have a 30" 2560 x 1600 I sit too far away from, based on OS sizing. But a good distance and resolution for games.

Comment Re:What applications? (Score 2) 176

AMOLED is supposed to be brighter and lower power than the alternatives. My current phone is 2560x1440 and lasts much much longer than my S3 with much lower resolution. The problem may be TouchWiz, not the resolution.

It wouldn't be hard for purpose-built hardware to fake a lower resolution. Don't make the GPU drive an 8k monitor, if the source is 720. Have the GPU drive 720, and either in the GPU or monitor, upscale to fit the monitor. Tricks like that, which work fine in a laptop where you are guaranteed which monitor will be plugged into the video card shouldn't be hard to keep down power usage.

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