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Comment: Re:alogrithms aren't racist (Score 1) 302 302

If I had mod points, I'd try to undo your current flamebait mod.

People who object to racism pointed out claim there is no such thing, even when it's pointed out. The Charleston shootings weren't about race, but were about a single mentally ill person with no ties to race.

One of the problems is that cameras are racist. The default settings work for me as a pale white person, but don't work for a dark person.

Comment: Re:How does that compare to desktops? (Score 1) 190 190

Oil pressure makes me miss my Porsche. 3 gauges for oil. Pressure, level, and temperature. Not a single idiot light that waits until after there's a major problem, and doesn't let you know about useful things like is it warm, and such. Though, my pressure gauge was broken (it read "low" almost all the time, a known problem with that year, from a newer sensor that gets gummed up).

I did actually use the oil pressure gauge in the Mercedes today, though... I really need a new wastegate diaphragm.

Must be a Diesel. Did Mercedes put a turbo in a non-Diesel? They seemed to only use superchargers for the AMG models.

Comment: Re:How does that compare to desktops? (Score 1) 190 190

I had an 85 mph speedo on a car that I've had at 140 mph, and I've had a 200 mph speedo on a car that had trouble hitting 100. The joke is that cars have optimistic speedometers to make owners feel like they are faster, and they give up usability for "My speedometer goes up to 11".

Comment: Re:Or (Score 1) 114 114

you seem to think that the people who are actually working on the problem are stupid.

Nope, I just think the idiots here are idiots (not that everyone's an idiot, but the idiots are, by definition).

So how do wash the wings right after takeoff?

How do cars wash their headlights? How do gliders do it? How do in-flight de-icing systems work?

THe point is some idiot asking a stupid question with 1,000,000 answers can't think of any of the answers, so he assumes the answer is hard. It isn't. Doing it cheaply, reliably, and with no weight may be harder, but those are implementation details, not big picture.

Comment: There is no IoT (Score 2) 76 76

Everyone I've seen selling IoT things have been selling "non-Internet connected network of things that we call IoT because that sounds cooler". The IoT is when the devices are connected to the Internet. Not when they are connected to a proprietary private network owned, controlled and managed by a single company, and "Internet" access is through a paywalled proxy. My home power meter is "IoT" and there is no way to access it from the Internet, directly or indirectly. Though the reports the power company pulls through their closed and private network are shared time-delayed in emails and paper reports sent out.

Similar are the mobile-phone network IoT car-based devices, a number of which will "IoT" when back at base, through secure WiFi to a private server, with no data in the loop *ever* traveling over the Internet (unless the customer buying the solution goes out of their way to send things over a WAN, that's still not Internet connectivity, just using the Internet for a private WAN).

The level of control around IoT at the moment prevents any IoT from working over the Internet. The IoT is when every device in your house is connected (probably IPv6, with a /56 for your personal items), and you can reach your own stuff from anywhere. When the "lock your door remotely" is app-based and locked into your Samsung phone, and Samsung home server, and lock from a short approved list that pays Samsung (sorry, the last IoT home demo I saw was one of Samsungs), that's not IoT, that's a Samsung home automation solution.

Comment: Re:How does that compare to desktops? (Score 1) 190 190

There should be a tachometer there.

Given that most cars are automatics, there's no need for a tach anymore.

And the tach should be on the HUD, a bar at the top of the windscreen running from right to left that turns red at 90% of redline, and flashes at 100% of redline. The reason the tach is front and center (and big) is so that you don't have to look at it. Your peripheral vision can pick up the location with sufficient accuracy for timing shifts and such. The speedometer should be in the same spot so you can watch the road with peripheral vision while staring intently at the speedo to determine whether you are just before or just after the desired speed.

It needs to be huge because the 0-200 mph speedos (if it's on your speedo, your car can do it, right?) have the hashes from 0-70 take up about 1/3 of the usable space (which is of about 2/3 of a circle). As bad as NMSL was, at least 0-85 MPH speedometers were useful for helping you decide if you were on the legal or illegal side of 55, without having to break out a protractor. Though, that doesn't apply to Porsche and a few others that kept the same 0-200 speedo, but didn't print numbers or hashes on the last 2/3.

Comment: Re:With an advertisement for RHEL... (Score 1) 151 151

the man goes full comando and updates everything live without testing.

That's an assumption on your part. Sure, it may be implied, but isn't confirmed. I've seen places large enough that their OS provider would test on their behalf. So he can claim "no testing" and the answer is it was tested. Well tested. I've seen it done before.

Comment: Re:Or (Score 1) 114 114

Same way as many cars wash their headlights? There are piles of answers to the question. A temporary surface used for takeoff that's retracted after takeoff, removing all the bugs with it.

I can think of 100 ways to solve this, so when people make it sound hard, that just proves they are dumb. Yes, not all are good, and at most one would be optimal, but give me a few million dollars, and I can make more headway.

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