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Comment Re:Banks vs Manchester. Law, no. Indexes by publis (Score 1) 284 284

If you don't have a reasonably fixed address, then no - you can't vote.

That only applies to the poor. Trump has (or used to have, no idea what he uses now) a hotel room as his "permanent" address. Many other politicians have had the same. And they were allowed to vote for themselves. It's only the poor and minorities that the system targets.

Comment Re:$805M budget (Score 1) 226 226

I did. You suggested UK, and I accepted that. My complaint about the UK was your lies that I was somehow personally vested in that system, as yet another of you ad hominem attacks.

I don't know why you bother to lie. I can look it up in the replies and see your lies. Plain as day.

Comment Re:Banks vs Manchester. Law, no. Indexes by publis (Score 1) 284 284

If you note, it also indicated that nationwide Black vote was up sharply in 2008 for Obama's first election. From what I could tell from the AJC story, Black vote in Georgia was under-represented in GA, compared to the national increase in turnout that year. And it fell in 2010. About 1600 votes were discarded due to the inability of the voter to provide acceptable ID. So much for one man one vote.

Comment Re:Banks vs Manchester. Law, no. Indexes by publis (Score 1) 284 284

Voter IDs are supposed to be free unless you mean the state's that require a state ID to vote? Those are usually just a few dollars and required for many other tasks which minimizes the expense. I agree with you in theory but in practicality?

Many also require a home address and additional government paperwork. For someone who doesn't have a birth certificate on them, the cost for a "free" ID can be quite expensive. For someone who doesn't have a home address, you have to commit perjury and find a co-conspirator to your crime (now a felony) to be able to get the ID. So a homeless person must commit a felony to get an ID. Plus the cost.

Plus, it doesn't solve any known problem. Fraud didn't go down in the places that required IDs. There were just fewer Blacks voting.

Comment Re:Chinese Tourists, Of Course (Score 1) 101 101

None of the things you state are related to "communism". Communism doesn't mean lower personal rights, political rights, or anything like that.

In practice, China is a capitalistic democracy with high taxes. They have as much choice for political office as we do, the difference is that in the US, we still put on a show. The government doesn't decide what's made and where, but requires that it be "owner" of it. This is functionally a tax system, not a communistic central planning system.

But we have to have a declared enemy, and some reason why we hate them, so we make up lies about them.

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