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Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 1) 323

So now I also own a 2014 Ford Taurus that gets 29 MPH on the highway. It is still comfortable and filled with nice stuff, but it burns almost half the fuel of my big truck and I make a point to drive it instead of the truck when I don't need the truck.

You did the ROI on the LED. What's the ROI on the Taurus?

Comment Re:Another kook (Score 1) 508

Breaking into my house is damaging my property.

Nope. "Breaking" in the "breaking and entering" is about breaking the plane of ownership. It's a form of trespass, unrelated to any damage done to enter. Flying a drone into/over property is a form of trespass, and people have been convicted for less.

An erected privacy fence, with no pre-existing feature visible from inside it, is legally the same as installing an opaque dome. Someone would have to go to unusual lengths to see inside, and that level of unusual activity to breach the privacy is almost always a crime. Regardless of whether it's done with drone or binoculars.

Comment Re:shooter should have talked to owner first (Score 1) 508

If the shooter had gone and talked to the drone owner,

And how do you think the shooter could have found the drone owner? The only way to start that conversation is to shoot down the drone, so the drown owner would come out of hiding and make himself known.

Comment Re:Another kook (Score 1) 508

If someone broke into your house, barges into your bathroom and pulls up a chair to watch your daughter take a shower, snapping photos as he's doing it, would you think that throwing him out would be a form of defense?

Harm was being caused to his daughters, and he used the minimum amount of force possible to stop the harm. I call that self defense (as "self defense" is the proper term for defending others).

Comment Re:Another Corporate rape of the commons (Score 2) 142

Rarely do they invent new law and policy to do something when an existing law covers it. Why declare you don't own the air when they can just as easily say you do? As you note, it's not like you can do anything about it, and if you claim a $0.10 toll per craft, the government can claim it's an easement just like the power lines above and below my property right now. Calling my ownership core to sky, with easements on both is quicker, easier, and consistent with all current laws. So why invent a new legal status for airspace?

Comment Re:Another Corporate rape of the commons (Score 1) 142

You are confusing "own" with "control". He is right, you are wrong. The standard land deal in the US has mineral rights and air rights. You own core of the earth to space. But, like the power lines under your property that you don't control, you don't get to dictate the rules for commercial flights over your property.

Comment Re:Amazon doesn't understand helicopters (Score 1) 142

The drones that Amazon is talking about will be big enough and heavy enough to bring down some helicopters.

Unlikely. I'd expect that 99.9% of helicopters "brought down" by a drone will be from boom strike (or other "pilot error") from the pilot's reaction to seeing one, not the impact itself. How would a dron differ significantly from a bird strike? A larger bird would be similar in weight to a drone, and with similar speeds. Does every hawk strike kill the helicopter?

Comment Re:Amazon doesn't understand helicopters (Score 1) 142

I've yet to see a definition of "drone" that didn't include model rocketry or RC model airplanes. Like RC, the military drones are primarily flown by humans remotely using RF to control them. So most definitions that catch one catch both.

Perhaps you should define "drone" before launching into problems with "drones", as that includes model rockets, and the RC models.

Comment Re:Banks vs Manchester. Law, no. Indexes by publis (Score 1) 292

If you don't have a reasonably fixed address, then no - you can't vote.

That only applies to the poor. Trump has (or used to have, no idea what he uses now) a hotel room as his "permanent" address. Many other politicians have had the same. And they were allowed to vote for themselves. It's only the poor and minorities that the system targets.

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