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Comment: Re:Maybe not extinction... (Score 2) 253

by AK Marc (#46837819) Attached to: Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?
Hydro, wind, and chemical (all used long before industrialization, windmills, water wheels, wood fires). And once you make a panel, you use it to make more.

Seems pretty obvious. Fire was the first means of harnessing solar panel, why have you forgotten it? Mills using water and wind have been around for 2000+ years. We still have hydro and wind, just generating electrical power, rather than being used directly for mechanical advantage.

We have lots of "usable" energy all around. I don't understand how someone can care about a subject so much to comment on it, but so obviously oblivious of it.

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by AK Marc (#46837471) Attached to: Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage

The advertisers aren't paying for your eyeballs when you buy the content from Aereo.

Yes, they are. The advertisers pay for it to be seen (whether live or time delayed).

I'm the aggressive one here?


You called me a liar who is incapable of reading what you wrote, after I quoted you saying it, and I'm aggressive?


I asked you if you intended to say what your words actually mean, you blow up in a rage, and I am the aggressive one?

Yes. You incorrectly re-stated what I said. Indicating that you are a complete idiot incapable of reading, or a jackass willing to lie to "win" an argument. You've kept proving yourself to be the asshole I assume after your first asshole-post.

When the concepts:
What Aereo is doing should be legal
What Aereo is doing is like being a pimp.
appear together in an argument, you would have to be pretty dense not to think that the resulting "being a pimp should be legal" is the intended meaning.

Interesting. I'll apologize if you can quote where in this thread I stated "what Aereo is doing should be legal."

If you can't (and no, arguments made in other threads to other people don't count), then you are lying about lying, and I'm done. So, which is it, you get an apology, or you admit being a liar? The latter will never happen, even when proven, so I'm not sure where you expect your lies to go.

You can scroll up this thread and read my words. I implied the actions against Aereo are dumb, but didn't comment on the legality of them, which is what you stated I said. I didn't. I am reading the thread right now.

Why are you lying about what I said when any idiot can read the thread and see you are lying? I honestly don't understand the Internet Fucktard Syndrome where someone continues to insist that their lies trump reality, even when proven wrong. I'd love to have a fucktard explain it to me. Or are you going to ignore any logical points I made, and focus on my rudeness for calling you a liar for lying? You can stop that you know. Stop lying.

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by AK Marc (#46836675) Attached to: Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?
Ours is not one of the early-generation stars, but life as we know it requires some trace heavy metals, so complex organism require later generation stars (so that the older stars can generate heavy elements and nova them out). So we are a young system, but could be the oldest capable of life as we know it.

Comment: Re:Maybe not extinction... (Score 1) 253

by AK Marc (#46836523) Attached to: Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?
We haven't created or destroyed any elements. We just use them, or modify the chemicals they are in. If we need them (and have dug them all up), we can't mine them from the ground, but we can mine them from the landfills and buildings, like some are doing with copper now. Materials are more easy, not less easy.

Comment: Re:How many? (Score 1) 334

by AK Marc (#46835637) Attached to: Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage

Where did you get that silly idea? Of course not. Advertisers are paying for your eyeballs, you aren't paying a cent (directly) for the content on OTA. But don't let that confuse you, someone is paying for it, just not Aereo who wants to make a profit from it.

So if the advertisers pay for my eyeballs, and my eyeballs are buffered by Aereo, then Aereo is doing something wrong? They aren't interfering with the delivery of eyeballs, and in fact facilitate more eyes on the ads than if the service didn't exist. So your objection doesn't make any sense.

I'm sorry, what "state mandated monopoly" do you think exists?

If you don't know the basics of the topic at hand, why are you commenting, let alone lecturing others?

So you think pimping should be legal?

Oh, you are just a liar. Never mind. Try stop lying, and maybe you'll learn something. You obviously have lots to learn. Hint, I never said anything about the legality (current or my opinion on it) for prostitution or pimping. That you are so certain about my opinion on it indicates you are insane (seeing things that aren't there), a liar (knowing I didn't say anything of the sort, but lying about it to make me look bad), or too dumb to use a computer (not able to read, but you've proven you can read, even if only rudely and aggressively).

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by AK Marc (#46835555) Attached to: NYPD's Twitter Campaign Backfires

I have done this several times (not for this purpose but because I needed directions or other minor assistance). Each time the officer seemed to genuinely appreciate the chance to help and be seen as the "good guy" in the eyes of the person he was interacting with.

I don't ask cops anything (too many cops as friends to be deluded into thinking they are out to help, the fact that departments prefer ex-military and screen out intelligent cops seems to support my opinions), but I know of more than one person taken to jail for asking a cop directions. The cop was helpful at first, then took something in the question as suspicious (why would you need directions to the Interstate? Are you running from something? Why are you in a place you aren't familiar with?), and ran them through the system, resulting in an arrest, though usually for something mostly innocuous, like an old unpaid traffic ticket that was long forgotten. Much safer to ask a shopkeeper.

Comment: Re:So called "3D" movies are not 3D (Score 1) 125

by AK Marc (#46835497) Attached to: Lytro Illum Light-Field Camera Lets You Refocus Pictures Later
There are piles of depth cues. Parallax is only one. You are arbitrarily picking and choosing the cues you accept as "real" or not. You also discount the possibility of having the image in focus at all points. With "fake" 3D, but all points in focus on the stereoscopic images, you completely eliminate your #1. And if you insist #5 isn't stereoscopy, then you are insisting that both eyes are fed the same image. I assert that's false.

Most of the effect in #3 is mental, not physical. Your brain is not processing what you aren't focusing on (and no, focus is not an optical term in this context, if you know a better term for "location of attention", I'm open to it). Even in one-eyed persons, the eyes work as a pair. Your brain can't focus on an optical distance without directing both eyes to it, even if one eye is non responsive. The tiny effect of the changing shape of the eye is inconsequential. Those with a misshapen eye (myopia of hyperopia) do not operate as you assert, and yet still experience 3D(a) without having an eye "focus" on the point of attention. Your hypothesis doesn't work.

Let's face it: so called 3D movies today are a marketing scam,

They add depth to width and height. Your argument is that 2+1 != 3. I don't think you'll win that one. That you object to the depth doesn't make it not there.

Comment: Re:I kind of welcome the attention (Score 5, Insightful) 163

by AK Marc (#46830211) Attached to: NYPD's Twitter Campaign Backfires
I have done ride alongs. The police assume everyone is a criminal. There are only two types of people. Cops and criminals. We never played "cops and innocent bystanders" as kids. We are trained that there are two sides. Long gone are the beat cops that proactively prevented crime by building relationships with the neighborhood. The cops swoop in arrest everyone, and let the lawyers sort it out. Cops that want to rise will work on beating out confessions to protect conviction rates. After all, if you are talking to a cop, you are a criminal, they just might not have proven it yet.

No, a ride along doesn't give justification as to why the armed cop is beating the unarmed person. The number one reason people are beat is "contempt of cop". If you don't follow orders fast enough, you are resisting. If you are resisting arrest, they can beat you. That's how it's done.

+ - Bullied student punished for recording incident

Submitted by AK Marc
AK Marc (707885) writes "Whether it's the fact that it's a "disabled" student with ADHD, or the wiretapping was done with an iPad, stupid overreacting authorities, or bullies, this has Meme written all over it.

A 15 year old student was feeling bullied. He reported it, but nothing was done. He was being bullied in class time. So he recorded it on his school-provided iPad, provided because he has ADHD. When he took an incident to the school authorities, he was ordered to delete the file, the police were called, and he was arrested (and convicted) though one source indicates the charges were dropped and another indicates he was convicted, but overturned on appeal. . The charge was disorderly conduct, but he was also formally accused of (but not charged with) wiretapping violations."

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