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Comment Re:The takeaway is that Tesla is right (Score 1) 407

Dealers have a conflict of interest because manufacturers are dumb. Manufacturers have variable margins built into the cars that encourage sales. One would hope they line up with the maker's desires (or profits), but often they don't. And makers like GM that have $2000 rebates on everything almost all the time encourage buyers to avoid them when there isn't a sale.

Comment Re:release notes should have informed users (Score 1) 333

AMD A8-7600 with 8 GB of RAM and an ADATA SSD. Basic low end desktop and it runs like a dream.

That's not really a low end desktop, not even today.

Not a low end desktop, but worse than my laptop I paid less than $1000 for 3 years ago. Though I'm due for an upgrade, GTX 850M just doesn't cut it.

Comment Re:Reasons why I don't like the Internet of Things (Score 1) 198

I'm a fan of home automation (a hobby of mine that's increasingly turning into a business). I, and many fellow HA enthusiasts, are firm proponents of the LAN of Things, or even a Separate Network - Controlled By a Hub That is Only Allowed To Connect To the Internet Under Strict Conditions - Of Things.

That's not IOT, that's IOC - Internet of Controllers. Those pushing the IoT want every home device on a unique IPv6 address and able to talk to anything. The only IoT I've seen sold is by shitty wireless companies trying to sell private networks over their mobile systems. Even those selling IoT don't actually want IoT. Because if you don't control it in a single secure central server, you can't extract payment for every use. And it's all about extracting money from people.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 780

I don't recognise this bullshit male privilege nonsense that feminists keep bleating on about. I sure as shit don't benefit from it.

Yeah, a dumb jackass male won't be CEO above a qualified woman, but a qualified man will be CEO over a qualified woman. Just because you are digging your own hole doesn't mean that men don't have it easier. I'm a man, and I see it every day.

Comment Re:Make things user programmable (Score 1) 491

If you need more than 2A at 5V, you'd use 12V.

The reason 5V needs such big wires is that people are running 5A at 5V. Why yes, I do have a 5A charger for my phone. And yes, it does run at 5A. Rather than that silliness, people should step up voltages. But the ubiquity of 5V is such that the devices use it even if not appropriate. If 12V were more available, or 24V or 48V, I think that devices would abandon 5V for something higher.

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