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Comment Re: FAA doing it right (Score 1) 53

The octo copters are a model of what aircraft? One could argue that http://www.rc-airplanes-simpli... is a model aircraft. As it's literally a model of an aircraft, and RC. But an octo-copter is not a model of any actual aircraft, therefore it isn't a "model aircraft".

If you RC plane is a historically accurate P1 Mustang, feel free to fly it at and see what happens. Your court case will be enlightening, if your assertion that it's illegal for the FCC to regulate "model aircraft" is correct.

I think the general thought (here and at the FCC) is that an octocopter is not a model of an existing actual aircraft, nor designed to be.

Comment Re:FAA doing it right (Score 1) 53

After OKC bombings (and a lesser extent car bombings in the middle east), government agencies created no-drive zones around federal buildings. There were some complaints, but little resistance.

Your argument is that we should wait for a tragedy to make rules to prevent a tragedy. We shouldn't try to identify security flaws and patch them until after someone has exploited them with public results. Only then should the government be allowed to patch a security flaw.

Comment Re:FAA doing it right (Score 1) 53

That's how everyone has always done it. The progressive Founding Fathers of the USA were making it up as they went along as well. Taking bits of what worked, making sure to leave out what didn't and seeing what happens, we can always amend it later if it doesn't work. The first US constitution failed miserably. How are those Articles of Confederation working out?

Comment Re:Let's get real (Score 1) 242

The EMP would reach 100% of the lower 48. It'd take down NASDAQ and NYSE, as well as many of the planes flying over the fly over states, reset/lock up every computer in the 48, and probably blow out most long-distance transmission lines, and the transformers attached to them.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 653

Flash ads, with malware in the 3rd party ads. XSS was invented for and used by ads to infect/attack users.

Abuse is selling intrusive 3rd party ads, especially with little to no quality control in the ads.

Yes, the people that created botnets are innocent victims here.

Comment Re:who needs re-entry? (Score 1) 242

DPRK claims a functional H-bomb. That's sufficient for an EMP. Sized correctly, an ICBM carried nuclear warhead can make an EMP large enough to cover the contiguous US. Yes, it won't fry all electronics in the blast radius for all time, but it'll do enough damage to kill more than if they had targeted a city.

Comment Re:China is the reason NK exists (Score 1) 242

China doesn't like DPRK. China would be happy if, tomorrow DPRK was destroyed. China doesn't want DPRK hurt. China shares an unprotected land border with them. And China doesn't want millions of refugees wandering over. That's about the only thing that China cares about. If the US offered to secure the border, and ship every refugee to South Korea, China would probably agree to any military attack of DPRK that the US would dream up. The conventional destruction of Seoul from DPRK is the MAD that keeps DPRK safe for now. There's no way to take out the DRPK before Seoul is destroyed.

Comment Re:For all I know (Score 1) 242

Most likely it was a control failure. Satellites are inherently unstable. A tiny push, and they tumble. So you need a complex control system to keep them aligned. Those often did fail, and resulted in satellite loss. That DPRK suffers a satellite loss through the most common method of satellite loss doesn't even hint at foreign involvement.

Comment Re:"you don't have to be very accurate" (Score 1) 242

There is no real fallout from a high altitude blast. The most damage DPRK could do would be to launch it on an ICBM at South Africa over the US, and detonate it as it's over Kansas.

Second in damage may be a truck-based ground blast in DC, between the White House and Congress. Should be able to take out both, they are under 2 miles apart. And the damage wouldn't even be much beyond that, leaving DC largely intact, aside from the fallout from a ground blast.

Comment Re:High altitude nuclear EMP (Score 1) 242

China hates DPRK more than we do. China props them up for the sole reason of not wanting to take care of the refugees. There is a minor desire to keep them around to give the hateful Americans someone to hate who isn't them, as the US must always be at war. But China has no love for DPRK, and tolerates them more because at least they hold their refugees in-country, mostly.

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