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Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 453

Israel locks up millions of people in what amounts to the largest concentration camps in human history

Concentration camps with no walls. If they wanted to leave, they could. Well until the countries on the other sides sealed the border. Then blamed Israel. They are Egyptian concentration camps as much as they are Israeli.

But we all hate Jews, so blame Israel. Isn't that the central issue. How do we hate Jews without looking like Jew-haters? Oh yeah, we'll invent a new term "anti-Zionist". We don't hate the sinner, we just hate the sin, and the easiest way to eliminate the sin is to kill all the sinners, who we don't hate.

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 453

Their violence is state-sanctioned, while most Palestinian violence is perpetrated by individuals.

That's simply not true. Hamas, The PLO, and other organized groups claiming legitimacy have state-sanctioned much of the Palestinian violence.

By your logic, there was no Civil War in the US, because The Confederacy wasn't recognized by the UN as a state-actor, The Uprising was perpetrated by individuals.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1) 453

Were the Jews enemy combatants? If not, then the act, taken in war, was unrelated to war, That's one of the arguments here. Both sides don't take much care to avoid civilian casualties. But when someone shoots at you from a hospital, you are allowed to shoot back. You aren't supposed to blow up a hospital if you suspect it has a bad guy in room 3.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1) 453

Since the US liberated Kuwait, we should repeat the errors from before, and resettle 100% of the Syrian refugees to Kuwait, and let them break out in civil war, if nobody likes that idea.

The only question is, what country in Africa should we send all the African refugees? I vote for Tunisia, for no particular reason.

Comment Re:I just want the ability to actually grow the fu (Score 1) 159

That's a bad idea. It locks us in to oil-based products, even if they are renewable. The oil companies don't care, they just want to own the production, distribution and sale of the fuel, no matter where it comes from. And we already do something similar with ethanol, burning plant sugars, rather than plant oils.

Much more sensible would be solar at your home, and power your car from that.

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 225

Ah yes, saturated is the same definition as "vivid" yet one is a compliment, and the other an insult.

It's not that I didn't know it had a definition, but that I wanted the idiot arguing with me to think about it.

And it's funny that I'm being accused of being a shill for Samsung. I'm the one pointing out OLED doesn't actually improve screens, and Samsung is one of the industry leaders in advertising OLED. Though even Samsung knows OLED sucks, so they only advertise AMOLED and its variants.

Comment Re:thats strange (Score 1) 159

Yeah, it's all a conspiracy to make Diesel look bad. Oh wait, follow the money. It's that the US makers can't make usable Diesel engines for cars, so the makers, not Big Oil are the ones that pushed for regulations that effectively made Diesel illegal in the US.

The only reason Diesel is popular in the rest of the world is that it's untaxed, compared to gasoline. In fact, some places it's literally untaxed, as the assumption when the taxes were written is that only large cargo trucks and farmers would use Diesel. The US has the same thing, where you can get farmer untaxed fuel which excludes the road taxes, as it's not for road use, it's just less common.

So it all comes back to the evil car makers, same as always. Big Oil gets blamed for things others do. They do evil, but much much less than the Big Oil haters assert.

Powerful elites just don't want the middle class and the poor to have a vehicle that gets that many miles to the gallon.

Yeah, that's why the Geo Metro XFI, which was more fuel efficient and cheaper than the expensive and inefficient Diesels, didn't sell. People don't want a light cheap car. People want a huge, heavy slow inefficient car. They want a house with wheels.

Your inability to see reality doesn't change reality.

Comment Re:It only cost GM $11 million so VW did it too (Score 4, Insightful) 159

GM settled for $11M. They didn't actually get fined in a judgement against them, it was a settlement. Nobody knows what would have happened. Part of the settlement was civil indemnity, so it was more like a bribe than a fine. A $45M bribe to make the whole thing go away. And few today remember it, and have to be reminded of it. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

So yeah, the "cost" to GM for the whole scandal was less than $100 per car. Sell a car fraudulently, pay the government $100, and be indemnified from all civil actions due to your fraud. Not a bad deal.

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