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Submission + - US seeking a 15.7% levy on submarine cable operators (itnews.com.au) 3

AHuxley writes: The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering an expansion to the Universal Service Fund. Submarine cable operators with landings in the United States could face a 15.7 percent levy on quarterly revenues. Some history on US telco rates can be found at: http://www.commsday.com/commsday/2012/comment-bad-timing-proposed-undersea-cable-tax/
United Kingdom

Submission + - The top 100 IT suppliers to the UK gov for 2009-10 (guardian.co.uk)

AHuxley writes: Using Freedom of Information requests the Guardian has listed how the UK are spending £42bn on IT.
12 departments and two non-departmental bodies.
On the top are BAE Systems and Detica. Hewlett Packard is third getting £1.63bn from five departments. GCHQ has an exemption.

United States

Submission + - $300 tax to blog in city of Philadelphia (nbcphiladelphia.com)

AHuxley writes: Could a city place a $300 "business privilege tax" on bloggers, even if they make no profit?
Is the city of Philadelphia dreaming of a $300 “business privilege license” is for all local bloggers?
Make made $11 over two years and you could face city wage taxes, business privilege taxes and taxes on any net profits on top of state and federal taxes.

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