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Comment Re:WTF happened? (Score 1) 124

The UK wants its stolen land returned and back tax. It took them a while and they did it politically but they are back. Welcome into the Commonwealth.
Leave your hard won freedoms at the door and get ready for some MI5/6 and GCHQ advisors looking deep into all US files.
A bit like what the UK asked for over the issue of US support for Ireland flowing from the US in the 1960-90's.
This time its all very legal and the UK expects the full and happy cooperation of all US bureaucrats.

Submission + - The Pentagon's secret pre-crime program to know your thoughts, predict your futu (

Striek writes: New Pentagon documents released over the past few months give a preview into their goals for stunningly creepy analysis of group behaviour to predict future crimes and civil unrest. Essentially, pre-crime.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) wants contractors to mine your social media posts to develop new ways for the US government to infer what you’re really thinking and feeling—and to predict what you’ll do next.

Pentagon documents released over the last few months identify ongoing classified research in this area that the federal government plans to expand, by investing millions more dollars.

The unclassified documents, which call on external scientists, institutions and companies to submit proposals for research projects, not only catalogue how far US military capabilities have come, but also reveal the Pentagon’s goals: building the US intelligence community’s capacity to forecast population behavior at home and abroad, especially groups involved in political activism.

They throw light on the extent to which the Pentagon’s classified pre-crime R&D has advanced, and how the US military intends to deploy it in operations around the world.

Their asprations don't stop there, however:

...will help the Department of Defense better understand what drives individuals and groups to mobilize for change and the mechanisms of that mobilization, particularly when violent tactics are adopted. This research will inform understanding of where organized violence may erupt, what factors might explain its spread, and how one might mitigate its effects.


Ultimately, then, this is not simply about predicting the behavior of diverse populations and social groups.

The Pentagon wants the ability to use this predictive capacity to manipulate human behavior, and thereby win wars.

Submission + - Why AT&T's Attempt To Kill Municipal Broadband In Tenn. Matters To All Ameri (

itwbennett writes: If you don't live in Chattanooga, Tenn., you probably aren't aware that the city's municipally owned electric utility, EPB, provides its broadband Internet — nice, fast Internet to boot. And, even if you did happen to know that, you probably don't care. But CIO's Bill Snyder explains why you should take note of AT&T's efforts to block the expansion of EPB's network on the grounds that 'the government should not compete with private enterprise.' At issue is more than a question of whether the greater Chattanooga area can have access to fast broadband because in all areas of the U.S. 'where big ISPs have the market to themselves, consumers often get stuck in the Web's slow lane,' says Snyder.

Submission + - Malware Hijacked To Distribute Antivirus Program (

itwbennett writes: Some rogue do-gooder has 'gained access to some of the servers that cybercriminals use to distribute the Dridex Trojan and replaced it with an installer for Avira Free Antivirus,' writes Lucian Constantin. For those unfamiliar with Dridex, it is 'one of the three most widely used computer Trojans that target online banking users' — and it's resilient: In October, 2015, one month after its administrator was arrested, it was back in full swing.

Comment Cant reauthorize illegality (Score 2) 327

The Fourth Amendment still needs that warrant.
Pushing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act into a domestic setting is not legal.
Just as the Church Committee found back in the mid 1970's
Using one finding, act, transit authority, policy, directive, annex authority, special procedures, executive order does not allow any US court to use color of law to get around the Fourth Amendment.
The US and others collected all with projects like BLARNEY, FAIRVIEW, PERFECTSTORM, STORMBREW, STELLARWIND, PRISM,.
Does collect it all work?
It works well to enrich contractors, offers great over time and lucrative new roles for the private sector. Renting the network collection tools as no bid contracts is also great for profits.

Comment Re:Expect a lot of people to be approached (Score 1) 40

Report every approach by anyone for any reason while at work and after work :)
Thats going to be some big new databases to spend on and look after filled by the millions of contractors, mil and gov workers.
The the over time for the gov chat down teams that have to go out nationally and internationally to work on ex staff and former staff.
A whole new bureaucracy, set of contractors and funding. How many team members per person of interest? 2 at a min for a buddy system and to confirm? 6 for technical support in shifts? Support and costs for longer international contacts. Language skills, accents, hair cuts, fashion, local transport...
How many people will need contacting?
Number of Security Clearances Soars (Sep.20, 2011 )
'In 2009, the Government Accountability Office had told Congress that about 2.4 million people held clearances " Some of the past numbers are also given around the 1983 and 1993 around a 3-4 million count having some form of "clearances".

Submission + - Patent troll VirnetX awarded $626M in damages from Apple (

Tackhead writes: Having won a $200M judgement against Microsoft in 2010, lost a $258M appeal against Cisco in 2013, and having beaten Apple for $368M in 2012, only to see the verdict overturned in 2014, patent troll VirnetX is back in the news, having been awarded $626M in damages arising from the 2012 Facetime patent infringement case against Apple.

Comment Expect a lot of people to be approached (Score 1) 40

Expect teams to approach a lot of people who have just left or have changed jobs from work with a security clearance.
A preemptive chat down to see how a person responds when contacted by a stranger, press, authors, peace activist, historians, random charming foreigner, fake diplomat with heavy accent or just a "new" "friend" in the area.
Holidays or travel really seem to get a person of interest to the top of a watch list.
When in another nation be careful of a honey trap or the friendly stranger approach. A few different teams will have that on record and will play that approach back in full.
Report any such contact as you would have when working with notes, events, logs any other details as quickly as possible as required. Always make a big fuss, contact law enforcement who have the ability to work with such reports, your gov, mil, company or contractor's security teams.

The main thrust of such efforts is to induce a fear that every approach by member of the press, authors, peace activist, historians is always gov team.
Very chilling for any academics, authors or press looking for comment, background or context.
Freedom of the press and freedom of association is now replaced by reporting every call, email, talk over decades by millions of workers and contractors.
By default a huge number of unofficial informants ready to report on any emerging press story.

Submission + - Congressional panel told NASA has no plan for the Journey to Mars (

MarkWhittington writes: Testimony at a hearing before the House Science Committee’s Subcommittee on Space suggested that NASA’s Journey to Mars lacks a plan to achieve the first human landing on the Red Planet almost six years after President Obama announced the goal on April 15, 2010. Moreover, two of the three witnesses argued that a more realistic near term goal for the space agency would be a return to the moon. The moon is not only a scientifically interesting and potentially commercially profitable place to go but access to lunar water, which can be refined into rocket fuel, would make the Journey to Mars easier and cheaper.

Submission + - GOP loses privacy and tech credentials with departure of Rand Paul (

SonicSpike writes: The Republican presidential campaign lost its biggest privacy advocate on Wednesday when Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky dropped out of the race, leaving doubt about whether the remaining candidates can resonate with the tech community or voters concerned about government surveillance.

Taking a libertarian stance on Internet issues including encryption and the National Security Agency's snooping has been a key part of Paul’s campaign effort to attract tech savvy younger voters, while other Republican candidates make hawkish statements in favor of mass surveillance. Tech policy generates less excitement from voters in presidential elections than issues like national security or the economy, however, which in part explains how Paul struggled below 10 percent in most election polls this past year.

Paul began his outreach to the tech industry even before launching his campaign with appearances including visiting the South by Southwest Interactive Conference. During an exclusive interview with U.S. News at the conference he became the first potential candidate to support the right for Google and Apple to sell encrypted smartphones, countering criticism from the FBI that the privacy software would damage law enforcement investigations.

“There is a right to privacy and the government needs to stay out,” Paul told U.S. News, expressing a stance that became a hallmark of his campaign. “If they want to look at your information, if they want to collect any of your data, they should do it with a judge’s warrant with probable cause if they think you have committed a crime.”

Silicon Valley donors cast a wide net supporting both parties during presidential elections, but Paul’s stance in favor of encryption and limits on government surveillance reflected the positions of numerous companies like Facebook, Apple and Google, and promised to attract funding if his campaign gained traction.

Submission + - Yahoo To Fire Another 15% as Mayer Attempts to Hang On (

xxxJonBoyxxx writes: Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer has announced plans to cut the company’s workforce by 15% and close five foreign offices by the end of 2016 after announcing a $4.4bn loss. Yahoo shares have fallen 33% over the past year, including a 17% drop in the last three months. Its shares fell again in after-hours trading after Mayer announced her plan.

Yahoo expects its workforce to be down to 9,000 and have fewer than 1,000 contractors by end of 2016. About a third of Yahoo’s workforce has left either voluntarily or involuntarily over the last year. And the cuts may just be starting: one activist investor (SpringOwl) says the total number of employees should be closer to 3,000 for a company with its revenue. (

Submission + - SPAM: Ted Cruz\'s Father Says God Intervened To Tell His Son To Run For President Afte

fredtrueman101 writes: Ted Cruz, who won the Republican Iowa caucuses on Monday, decided to run for president after "six months" of prayer, culminating in a two-hour session on bended knee during which the Texas Senator was given the nod.

Pastor Rafael Cruz, the Senator\'s father, made the revelation to a religious TV station last week.

Speaking of the fateful prayer session, Cruz senior said: "It was as if there was a presence of the Holy Spirit in the room and we all were at awe and Ted, all that came out of his mouth, he said, \'Here am I Lord, use me. Here am I Lord, I surrender to whatever Your will for my life is.\' And it was at that time that he felt a peace about running for president of the United States."

Like his son, Rafael is not a fan of the Obama administration. And like his son, Rafael\'s views can stray to the conspiratorial. For example, Pastor Cruz has stated that gun control measures are a precursor to the imposition of a dictatorship.

He has also argued that the use of the word "gay" for LGBT people is a plot to make homosexuality socially acceptable through its association with happiness. He also believes President Obama is a Muslim and that atheism leads to sexual abuse.

During his victory speech on Monday, Cruz reached for Scripture, thanking God for the win.

"God bless the great state of Iowa," he said. "Let me first of all say, to God be the glory."

In recent months, Cruz\'s rival Donald Trump has displayed his own fidelity to faith, noting that the Bible is the only book better than his own "The Art Of The Deal."

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