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I would have intuitively said the other way around.

Since the gravity is so small I would have expected the motion of the smallest particles to be close to random, perhaps close to Brownian motion if you looked at the system over a long enough period of time.

I guess, even though there isn't much to pull the material together, once a small particle is in a crack or void it is very unlikely to ever escape and so the crack does eventually fill in, it seems to me that the process should exist but be much slower than when compared to the effect in a strong gravity field.

As you said, "Intuitively, which we all know is probably wrong"

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by Captain Hook (#47358419) Attached to: How Often Do Economists Commit Misconduct?

I'm not sure you understood the GP's point. In fact you seem to have interpreted it completely backwards.

Allowing the companies making the loans to go bust, rather than trying to protect them by not allowing Student Loans to be cleared by bankruptcy is the attenuation that you are looking for. It's sends a clear message to other companies loaning money that there are risks and that they should be filtering potential customers.

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by Captain Hook (#47358371) Attached to: How Often Do Economists Commit Misconduct?

If economists had known in advance of one of the great depressions that it was going to happen, and releasing the results would of only sped-up the collapse, should they release the information?

The earlier the bubble is burst, the small the correction needs to be and the quicker the recovery afterwards can be. Knowing a burst will happen, it is ethical to make the information public as quickly as possible.

The tricky bit comes when you are 55% sure of a crash, but knowing that making those fears known publicly will definitely cause a crash. How sure do you need to be before it is worth causing a small crash to offset the chance of a bigger crash later on? 60%, 70%, 80%?

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by idkk (#47297573) Attached to: Overeager Compilers Can Open Security Holes In Your Code

As an even more pedantic aside: the word "ain't" IS proper English - but not necessarily in the dialect or register that you are currently using. For example, in mid to late Victorian England (1860 to 1900, and the country from which English comes, and to which standards on English, per se, must be referred) the word "ain't" was used in normal conversation by cultured and educated speakers, without any hint of impropriety. The arbitrary strictures that now affect "ain't", but not "don't" or "won't" or "isn't", were applied later.

And I ain't wrong.

+ - US Government introduces Pollinator Action Plan to Save Honey Bees

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The White House has announced a federal strategy to reverse a decline in the number of honeybees and other pollinators in the United States. Obama has directed federal agencies to use research, land management, education and public/private partnerships to advance honeybee and other pollinator health and habitats. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Agriculture Department will lead a multi-agency task force to develop a pollinator health strategy and action plan within six months. As part of the plan, the USDA announced $8 million in funding for farmers and ranchers in five states who establish new habitats for honeybee populations."

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by AGMW (#47263445) Attached to: Code Spaces Hosting Shutting Down After Attacker Deletes All Data
Off Topic ... but I like your sig. I've been leaning that way myself for some time now. Much like the US president can only run for two terms, wouldn't it be grand if there was something similar for the politicians lower down the tree! Politicians _should_ be people who've been out in the real World. They should _not_ be people who go to university with the desire to be politicians.

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by AGMW (#47170905) Attached to: Group Demonstrates 3,000 Km Electric Car Battery
Damn. Yeah, good point. Shame really, 'cos them Israeli boffins have been working so hard on it and now they've got to just stop and do something else 'cos your commute is too long. You know, I bet they're kicking themselves for not asking you about your commute first 'cos they could've saved themselves the bother!
PAH! 3000km! 3000 schkilometers I say! Not to menschion we don't even have any kilometers in the US anyway.

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