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Comment: Re:Factor of 10 (Score 1) 77

by AF_Cheddar_Head (#49752193) Attached to: India Targets July/August To Test Its Space Shuttle

See F-4 and F-35 for proof of the principle. If you make something that has to a hundred different things don't be surprised if is very expensive.

The US DoD will never learn. Build something for a single purpose you get it faster, cheaper and it is usually pretty good at the mission, see B-52, A-10, F-16 or F-15. Build it for a single mission then maybe modify it for additional missions afterwards

Comment: Re:wrong (Score 2) 355

As am I, States' Rights is perhaps the greatest issue facing our nation today. And nullification is the right of the jury; whether by design or intentional, it is indeed a good feature.

Not Jury nullification but this:
  Nullification is a term that means that states could reject or nullify a law passed by Congress if they do not like the law. Think about it for a minute.

Comment: Japan killed 80M, Not so fast there (Score 2) 216

by AF_Cheddar_Head (#49578383) Attached to: How Google Searches Are Promoting Genocide Denial

Check your facts before spouting off about the Mass Media.

According to this link http://www.nationalww2museum.o... the death total for WW2 was 90M so 80M for Japan might be a tad high. Granted the totals for China are in dispute but still complaining about the Mass Media getting it wrong then putting in such a number is just wrong.

Comment: Hydroelectric and the environment (Score 1) 232

Yes, hydro dams can and do destroy vast tracts of river ecosystem but they also create a vast ecosystem of lake, which while different cannot be ignored when discussing environmental impact. My hometown has a large area of swamps and wetlands that are over 100 years old directly attributable to an old dam that produced power for a long defunct mill. Remove the dam, restore the river and eliminate several thousands of acres of wetlands. Not a win in my book.

Not saying that dams are all good but dams and hydro are not necessarily the ecosystem destroyer you imply.

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