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Comment: Re:Do no EViL(tm) (Score 1) 427

You are correct that you don't have to go to Dell to upgrade your copy of Windows but you sure as hell might need Dell to provide specific drivers for your hardware. The issue is the phone vendors need to make sure the hardware drivers are compatible with your new version of android before you upgrade or your phone might be broken. This is the reason so many phone lose a bit of function when you install CM.

I am not defending the lack of updates just giving the reason that Andriod is updated through the manufacturer and not Google. Unfortunately too many of the phone manufacturers would prefer to sell you a new phone instead of investing the time to test the old hardware with a new O/S.

Comment: Not always the Surge (Score 1) 602

by AF_Cheddar_Head (#48002897) Attached to: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

Power dips can be as destructive as surges and that cheap surge protector does nothing for those. If it is valuable a line-interactive UPS is the way to go. Learned my lesson after burning out the power supplies to two TVs and a couple of desktop computers. The TV repair guy suggested the UPS and life is good.

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by AF_Cheddar_Head (#47621955) Attached to: My degree of colorblindness:

Sure you would have, just been excluded from some jobs. 25 year retiree and red-green color blind.

At my induction physical I failed 14 of 15 color cards. Tech told me I was color blind and I replied all you had to do was ask me I could have told you that.

BTW: Purple does not exist and is a conspiracy by the color-normal people against the disabled.

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