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Comment Supply and Demand (Score 1, Interesting) 331

The problem is the billionaires have rigged the Supply and Demand thing. The Demand for IT workers was high while the supply was low so salaries climbed. Now how to we get more supply to drive the salaries down, train more citizens? No that costs money and those new workers will want a good salary. I know, let's import foreign workers that are used to making 1/10th the salary and pay them less, Win Win, more supply less cost.

That's how the H1B visa program has been used to keep salaries down.

The Law of Supply and Demand says that if you pay enough you will get enough IT workers. The billionaires just don't want to pay enough.

Comment Re:Wait! Wait! I have a solution! (Score 1) 133

Don't have to give out personal information...

For example go to TireRack (don't log in), look for tires for your car, then come to Slashdot (don't log in), and the first ad you see is an ad for the tires you just looked at on TireRack. Gee either someone is looking at cookies that they shouldn't be or both sites use the same analytics engine and that engine is tracking you across the sites.

Comment One Problem (Score 1) 239

They will get some lawyer to right a secret opinion that what they are doing is legal then point to the secret opinion paper that they can't show you that what they are doing is legal. Oh, can't show you the paper because what we are doing is legal because what we are doing is secret but trust us we have the opinion paper.

Waterboarding not being torture, yeah right.

Comment Re:Lack of protection (Score 1) 239

What is needed is a change in culture and attitude on the part of intelligence agencies, so that they are concerned with legality and civil rights and not just the shortest path to the most information.

Anyone who has ever worked in national security can tell you every military and civilian intel agency is extremely careful about the legality of their actions and protecting the civil rights of Americans.

If you only read Glenn Greenwald-esque editorials and opinion pieces, then it's no wonder you have an extremely skewed view of the issues.

Bullshit, I have personally experienced the willingness to twist/interpret something to make it appear legal, not something I was involved with but think about Abu Ghraib Prison and the US Army classifying the events. The laws regarding classification specifically state that classification cannot be used to hide embarrassing information so the classification authority used the tortured logic that if this EMBARRASSING information became public it would endanger US troops (absolutely true) but the real reason it was dangerous is because it was EMBARASSING and it was classified because it was EMBARRASSING.

Or the whole parallel construction crap. I definitely don't believe all the stories but I guarantee that cops are tipped off from illegal information to stop a certain vehicle for any reason possible (broken tail light/illegal lane change/didn't signal trun) and then get permission to search the car and you will find something.

Comment Re:Reasons things fail (Score 2) 118

Having worked in/with the US military on and off for 30+ years I can honestly say I have never encountered this attitude or heard some say "Who cares it isn't really my money being spent."

Now some contractors will try to rip off the government and perhaps they have that attitude but none of the GS civilians or GIs or the actual peon contractors have ever exhibited that attitude. A lot of them get pissed at waste because they know it is their own tax money being wasted.

There is the bad thing where if you don't spend this year's budget you may start will less next year but normally they really do try to spend the money on necessities.


Comment Re:Ah that's where you are wrong (Score 1) 216

Oh yeah the hospital did their part but it was the Collection Agency that put the negative remark on my Credit Report. Try to get any Collection Agency to remove a negative remark without giving them money and sometimes even not then.

My real problem was I needed the Mortgage now and all the work to clear stuff up takes real time.

Comment Re:Ah that's where you are wrong (Score 3, Insightful) 216

Trust me we did all that except small claims court.

- The hospital acknowledged the error in writing but said they couldn't take off credit report because the Collection agency had put it on the report and well you know what the CA said, "Show me the money" no percentage in the CA removing it
- Even got the Military Medical people involved AKA TriCare who provided assistance in the form of a letter to the hospital wanting to know why I was charged to begin with.
- The bank wouldn't give me the loan with the bad debt on my report, only bad item on the report by the way.
- Finally a hospital officer "Mr. Friendly" real name and I will never forget it, provided a notarized letter to my lending officer stating the debt was in error and that it should never have been entered against me. So I got the loan.
- Took another two years for it to clear from my credit history so I kept the letter for a damn long time.

In my opinion the only "Bad Actor" in the whole deal was the CA, once informed the debt was in error by the hospital they should have taken action to clear it. But no they wanted the money for the debt they had purchased. Fuck them it's the risk they take for being in that business.

The hospital had made a mistake and acknowledged same. The credit could of taken a verbal but wanted everything in writing, CYA and I get that.

Comment Ah that's where you are wrong (Score 4, Interesting) 216

For Instance:
- Be in the Military
- Get injured on the job, maybe fall and break four ribs in your back, just supposing here
- Go to a civilian hospital that has agreed to accept the military payment as payment in full, any hospital that accepts Medicare has to
- Go about your life getting stationed overseas
- Return to the States after 5 years and try to buy and house and discover the that Hospital fucked up and marked the bill as unpaid, turned it over to a bill collector and not only can you not get approved to buy the house the damn bill collector starts harassing you and your wife with phone calls day and night.
- Hospital finally admits bill was in error but sorry they sold it to the bill collector so not their problem and the damn bill collector ain't gonna stop calling

Now tell me how paying my bills kept the calls away???

Comment Re:Sharing Netflix password (Score 1) 37

"Should" implies a suggestion, "May not or will not" implies a directive. Lawyers drafted this if they meant a prohibition they would have used the later terms.

You can legally have four users on a Netflix account, how are these users supposed to access the account in your absence without the password?

Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.