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Comment: Re:Lies (Score 4, Insightful) 544

by AF_Cheddar_Head (#46650585) Attached to: 60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S

If you are over a couple of hundred feet away from the explosion there will be a difference that you can perceive. You know that sound and light travel at different speeds, right?

If you want a fun demonstration of this get a day on an EOD range, you see the explosion, then hear the explosion, then feel the blast wave, then feel the ground rumble all with different time lag from the actual explosion. Really cool.

Comment: Re:How is the no fly list legal? (Score 2) 286

by AF_Cheddar_Head (#46605211) Attached to: One Person Successfully Removed From US No-Fly List

A US Citizens gets put on this list. The US Citizen cannot fly from Denver to Chicago, Nothing to do with a foreigner.

Travel within and between the states is not a privilege it is a right. Not all rights are explicitly spelled out in the constitution. Look at the ninth and tenth amendments.

The SCOTUS needs to remember the existence of the ninth and tenth amendments sometimes. In my opinion they should be the most important amendments and I am not a states rights kind of guy.

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1) Why is your large family farm not incorporated like so many of the Wisconsin Family Dairy Farms are? This is partly to avoid estate taxes.
2) $20M - 5M exemption equals 15M taxed at 45% so a 7M dollar bill, already wrong by 2M dollars.
3) Family Farms have and additional deduction of $1M from value saving another $450,000
4) Get an estate lawyer specializing in family farms and do some financial planning instead of whining about taxes you probably don't owe.

Comment: Re:that's what the insurance is for - to pay the t (Score 2) 300

Wrong, with the 5M+ exemption the $1M dollar Mcdonalds pays nothing in estate taxes to the federal government. Now many businesses are worth more the and $5M but with a bit of estate planning the ability to avoid a large portion of estate taxes is available.

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I have not waived my right against unreasonable search and seizure, even with my clearance the US Government has the same warrant requirements to come into my home as they have for the general public. The intrusiveness that I have agreed to is the following: periodic re-investigations where they may or may not interview my associates and family members as to my trustworthiness, the possibility of submitting to a non-lifestyle polygraph because of clearance type, having to report contact with foreign nationals (depending on the type of contact), and informing the security manager if I plan on traveling out of the country.

Not unreasonable search and seizure and a fairly well defined set of requirements for reporting.

Comment: Bullshit (Score 5, Insightful) 186

Civil rights never go out the window. As a cleared government employee I have not waived my civil rights and would never do so. I have agreed to allow some intrusive inspection of my life but I still have and will always have my civil rights.

Idiots like you who think that national security trumps all are what is wrong with today's national security infrastructure.

Comment: Re:Well, what is the alternative? (Score 1) 385

Don't give a FF about new fixes but HP wants to charge me for old fixes to old computers unless I have a service contract. Think of it this way, I have a Proliant Server that I repurpose to a new job, adding an old network card to it to add a capability, sorry need a firmware upgrade to support the old card. Firmware might be 2 years old but I didn't need it (if it ain't broke don't fix it) now with this network card I need the 2 year old firmware upgrade but can't get it because I haven't been paying HP 22% per year to maintain a service contract and you can bet that if I want a service contract I will have to pay for all the lapsed time not just start a new contract.

Comment: Lab Hardware (Score 1) 385

Sure all my production equipment has current service contracts on them, when a part breaks I need a new part to fix the problem. But when doing a technical refresh the old production equipment typically gets moved to the lab, upgrading the lab. Don't keep a service contract on the lab equipment, why would I? If a part breaks I am not in a hurry to fix it and can typically source it used. Now, HP wants me to keep a service contract on my lab equipment to get drivers and firmware upgrades. That is outrageous and one of the reasons that Cisco is no longer my infrastructure vendor.

Give me the option of a contract that covers downloads only (Think MSDN) and I might do it but not a full-price (22% of hardware cost per year) contract to support my lab. HP can take a hike.

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