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Comment: Re:Yep (Score 0) 615

by ADHVfFsvjLIViaglKlqo (#32366206) Attached to: Proposed Law Would Require ID To Buy Prepaid Phones
I'm hoping for nullification. If one of the larger states decided to, they could pretty much put a stop to all unconstitutional happenings within their borders. But I'm not optimistic, just hopeful. The end of our dollar will be mind-numbingly destructive, and as you suggested, nobody will understand why or how it happened, nor how to fix it.

Comment: The question nobody can answer for me (Score 0) 411

by ADHVfFsvjLIViaglKlqo (#32196344) Attached to: Armstrong, Cernan Testify Against Obama Space Plan

Where in the Constitution is Congress granted the power to create and fund an organization such as NASA? I challenge you who disagree with me to quote the section that grants them such power

For those who are unaware, the Constitution gives very limited and specific rights to Congress.


California's Santa Clara County Bans Happy Meal Toys 756

Posted by timothy
from the when-self-righteousness-attacks dept.
WrongSizeGlass writes "The L.A. Times is reporting that Santa Clara County officials have voted to ban toys and other promotions that restaurants offer with high-calorie children's meals. 'This ordinance prevents restaurants from preying on children's love of toys' to sell high-calorie, unhealthful food, said Supervisor Ken Yeager, who sponsored the measure. 'This ordinance breaks the link between unhealthy food and prizes.' Supervisor Donald Gage, who voted against the measure, said, 'If you can't control a 3-year-old child for a toy, God save you when they get to be teenagers.' The vote was 3 - 2 in favor of the ban."

Ma Bell is a mean mother!