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Comment: Heard about this on NPR (Score 4, Interesting) 73

by ACK!! (#44583867) Attached to: NASA Abandons Kepler Repairs, Looks To the Future
It seems that NASA is challenging the scientific community to come up with new projects or experiments that could still work despite the Kepler's limitations now. So it is time for all the scientists with their eyes toward the sky to start dusting off the keyboards and to come up with some cool new proposals. So even though it was not a screaming success the project could still turn out to be important to the scientific community going forward. If we have some scientists who can come up with neat ideas on how to use the capabilities this device still has.

Comment: Evacuation test run next year ??? (Score 5, Interesting) 269

by ACK!! (#41262529) Attached to: Mt. Fuji May Be Close To Erupting
From the article: "Regions that would be affected, including Kanagawa, Yamanashi and Shizuoka, plan to hold a test run of an evacuation by 2014, with a meeting of local governments covering progress of the plans and of shelter preparations slated for April 2013." It seems if the pressure is higher than the last time the damn mountain went boom that they would speed up preparations a tad. Wow, laid back disaster relief.

Comment: Did I seriously miss something? (Score 4, Informative) 61

by ACK!! (#40093013) Attached to: Comparing R, Octave, and Python for Data Analysis
The whole article was not much more than a high level review. The graphic naturally draws attention to the parameters the writer wanted to cover but he did not back up his graphic with any sort of serious textual review of what he felt were the weaknesses or advantages of the different programming language at least not in any detail.

Comment: I live in Virginia - Northern Virginia that is (Score 1) 95

by ACK!! (#39186127) Attached to: Harris Exits Cloud Hosting, Citing Fed Server Hugging
This is not surprising at all. A lot of government agencies do a lot of business with companies all around this region. It says to me that even in the government agencies there are IT people with bosses that get really excited over the idea of the newest hottest tech like "Cloud Services".
They talk to a lot of companies and get them all worked up that their agency will be moving to this new tech very soon.
Companies spend on the new tech with every indication that 4 or 5 people inside of big agencies will be moving that way very soon.
That is about the time the tech people in the agency present their powerpoint presentations on the promise of cloud technology to their upper bosses.
The upper bosses look at giving their data to someone else and they look at wikileaks and they think about the benefits and downsides and keep their data and servers close to their chest.
To all the asshats who wanted government to be run like a business ? They do run things now a lot like a large clueless fumbling business. You were thinking GE and look they work like a business kind of like a Worldcomm or an Enron.

Comment: Folks just RTFA before the embolism ! (Score 1) 37

by ACK!! (#39151039) Attached to: Wirelessly Powered Medical Implant Propels Itself Through the Bloodstream
I mean the article says that this thing is a long way off before being ready for medical applications in the field.
So, before we freak out and sit out pacemakers next to the microwave and everything, we should take a deep breath and calm the fuck down.
They realize there are things to work out but for now the headline should state the scientists think it is now feasible and probable.
I think we should all return to make jokes about Raquel Welch and the scientist whose name is Poon.

Comment: Shiny sixties sci-fi retro fun (Score 1) 114

by ACK!! (#39116209) Attached to: Electric Rockets Set To Transform Space Flight
We are going to get shiny metallic space suits next.
Robots that flails its arms screaming "Danger Will Robinson Danger !"
This is great stuff we are back to ION propulsion which is kind of cool. Remember the spaceships that sail like Solar wind and stuff?
That would be cool too. Perhaps next we can actually get someone to care and fund this stuff and some of it will end up actually mattering in the long run.

Comment: Screw the rankings ! (Score 5, Interesting) 304

by ACK!! (#39100127) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Deal With Priorities Inflation In IT Projects?
Someone wants a good project manager ? Good luck with that man. Either you have too few PMs and too many projects or more PMs than actual engineers. No one I mean absolutely no one at all seems to have a clue about finding a balance in terms of staffing project managers inside of a technology department. Now with that bit of fussing out of the way. What you do is you look at the list sit with your immediate manager. You both logically discuss the insanity of a full sheet of top priority 1 emergency projects and figure out which ones really need to get done and when. Remember who signs off on your yearly review and focus your priorities from what your immediate and his manager above really need for you to get done. You cannot let the bullshit of 50% of your projects being ranked as a high run you into the ground. Focus on what NEEDS to be done and then after that what your boss WANTS to get done and then on what the boss's boss would LIKE to have done.

Comment: UK is no different than the rest of the world (Score 5, Insightful) 199

by ACK!! (#39099435) Attached to: UK Government To Demand Data On Every Call, Email, and Tweet
I remember a conversation between my wife a naturalized US citizen and her kin from the UK about security and who cares how much they know as long as you have nothing to hide. It is amazing and sad but a vision into our future. There is a whole series of reports and exposes in the British press a few months ago about how the presence of all the cameras and surveillance tactics have done nothing to make the country any safer. It is basically a giant scam to sell products to the UK government but .... now it is entrenched. Oh well this is how freedom ends right ? With thunderous applause?

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