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by ACELLC (#43983399) Attached to: Video Gamers See the World Differently

Breaking news: gamers better at playing games.

Exactly. I wonder how good they would be at identifying objects in a more natural environment. Drop a bunch of gamers off in the country, give them certain visual/memory tasks, and see if they perform better than a group of non-gamers.

"How many horses are standing in the shade under the tree?" "Is the corn crib to the right or left of the barn?" "What gauge shotgun is the farmer shooting at you with from his porch?

I'd start with something less technical like: "What is that green stuff covering the ground?" or "What is that large glowing object in the sky?"


+ - Why you can ignore Windows 8-> 1

Submitted by Velcroman1
Velcroman1 (1667895) writes "Has a paradigm shift in computing already made Microsoft irrelevant? The company sure hopes not, on the eve of its launch of a major catch-up operating system, Windows 8. But most consumers and businesses can ignore the hype, and keep flicking though screens on their iPads. Windows 8 will add some new functions, but its biggest change is a touch interface of tiles and images. It's snazzy and zippy and, quite frankly, much more attractive and flexible than anything Apple has offered to date (those rounded app squares are looking downright ancient by now). But Windows 8, which debuts October 26, is too late and ill-suited for many users."
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by ACELLC (#37906752) Attached to: FAA Goes To the Web To Fight Laser-Pointing

For starters... lightning is not human-initiated. And planes do typically have massive problems when they get struck by lightning.

I was referring to the effect the flash has on pilot vision. The aircraft doesn't care why or how the pilot was blinded. If the flash from lightning (or misaligned high beams or any other natural or man made source) can cause temporary blindness then safety can only be enhanced by securing the aircraft/pilots against all light sources strong enough to cause problems. Regulating pen lasers is an act of political theater. Kind of like an optical TSA.

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