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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Ask SlashDot: Accessing my PC in Any Room of the House? 2

ACAx1985 writes: I have a desktop computer in my bedroom that I need to access and control from any room in the house; at the very least, I'd like to access it in the living room (separated by about 4 feet of drywall). Besides running an HDMI cord through the wall from my desktop to my TV, what other options exist? What sort of wireless mouse/keyboard options exist, too, to access this content?

Comment Stress. Sex. Social. (Score 1) 470

I can talk about my circle of friends/fellow students in college. Alcohol is used to relieve stress.. much like a cigarette. Alcohol leads to sex for most teenagers/mid-20s men and women (and I suppose older, but this commentary is from my own experience), a healthy activity -- that also relives stress. Alcohol is social. A more social person is shown to also have a healthier life versus a non-social person. Alcohol is a huge part of teenage/mid-20s life in New Jersey, especially enrolled at a university -- and I imagine most American life.

Are there better options for a healthy lifestyle? Exercise, diet, etc? Absolutely. But when you look at all things evenly at the end of the day, it does not surprise me that alcohol is a positive part of life for most people.

Comment Almost as bad: the journalism (Score 1) 1343

In the face of an absolute tragedy, the journalism is almost as bad. Using these sort of horrible incidents and making absurd connections to gain hits/views/attention on a news article is absurd.

"Three year old shoots self with gun" or "Nintendo causes kid to commit suicide" .. one is a more accurate description of a real event, and one is journalism exploitation.

If you own a gun, you don't leave it near a kid. A kid means anyone not responsible enough to know the consequences of pulling its trigger -- this may mean up to 18 years old, if the situation so warrants. To leave a real gun, loaded and ready for shooting, within reach of a three year old should be a criminal offense. The father didn't pull the trigger, but he might as well have.

Ever see a three year old? Ever see a three year old pull/grab/touch/suck/eat/play with EVERYTHING in sight?


Submission + - Guitar Hero meet... Guitar Villain!->

ACAx1985 writes: Multi-platinum Canadian rock group Billy Talent will release a Guitar Villain special edition of their new album on July 14. The special edition two disc set will contain a guitar-free mix of the album in addition to the album in its entirety, encouraging fans to play along. To facilitate this, Billy Talent is including guitar tabs for every song on the album. What do you think of this Guitar Hero-approach to selling albums? Is piggybacking off of Guitar Hero and Rock Band's success a move in the right direction for the music industry?
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