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Comment Re:Remember that it's a disk RECOVERY key (Score 1) 314

Dude, I do indeed work in the 'grown-up world' and the only way you can secure a computer is to bury it in the back yard. No, scratch that, the only way to secure a computer is to set it on fire and then bury it in the back yard. I don't do ANYTHING on the damn thing that I wouldn't want broadcast on the 5pm news.

The work is done on a work laptop, and work secures that damn thing to whatever specs they like.

Comment Re:Remember that it's a disk RECOVERY key (Score 1) 314

What on earth am I going to be doing on the home computer that requires me to encrypt the hard drive contents?

Hint: Nothing!

I'm already having issues with Windows not allowing me access into certain directories. 'Not authorized ...' But encrypting things is just asking for trouble.

Once my current computer dies, the next computer will be running Ubuntu. I've just had it with Microsoft.

Comment Re:Dude was checking in on his kid at home one las (Score 1) 1431

Ok, you and the wife are at the theatres. You are texting the babysitter who is posing as your three year old daughter. You do this, in a rare moment of 'I never do this during the previews but my three year old is being very funny', during the previews.

An older gentlemen behind you tells you to turn the cellphone off. You note he is angry.

At what point do you think to yourself, "I can take this old geriatric in my sleep", and tell him to frak off?

Geriatric goes to find a manager. He comes back managerless.

At what point do you think to yourself, "I'm going to take this old geriatric outside," and ask grandpa if he told tales to management on you?

At what point do you throw your bag of popcorn at him?

Me, I think you'd probably tell the geriatric you were sorry, it is your three year old daughter, possibly make like you were worried about her, and put the phone away.

This doesn't excuse the geriatric bringing a gun to a theatre and shooting someone to death, I just think you'd behave better than the dead gentleman did.

Comment Re:Double bind (Score 1) 1431

You've got one jerk, oblivious to the danger he's in as he texts on his cellphone, versus another jerk who in a dementia-filled rage thinks he entitled to shoot someone.

The ex-cop stalked another texting patron a week earlier; he's a menace to society and needs to be locked up permanently.

But this is also another case of someone being oblivious to all else around them as their focus is solely on their mini-computer. You don't throw a bag of popcorn at someone or ask them if they told management on them if the other person is in a rage. Neither gentlemen did anything to de-escalate the situation.

Thank God there was another cop in the theatre to stop anyone else from getting shot.

Comment Re:As a mere "User" (Score 1) 417

This is why I like my iphone. Everything I need personally from a laptop I can get from the iphone (I don't bank via computer as I don't trust my machines to be 100% secure (working assumption: if it is connected to the internet it is already insecure)). Plus the iphone is lightweight so it can be tucked into a pocket.

Comment Re:How did they get control of the servers? (Score 1) 624

Seizing servers means *nothing* if proper backups are made, with tapes archived offsite. Offsite, archived tapes means the servers can be recreated at will.

Which means there probably aren't any tapes. And if there are, relocate them out of the State, make backups of them, then relocate the backups.

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